The Living Room!

The Living Room
Hello everyone 🙂

Iam sure you figured out the Living Room had to close May 2016. The year 2016 had a lot of real life things come  our way and seems to still be doing that.
It was a fun project Daallee and I appreciate all of you and what you shared with us this past year and few months.
Thank you!!!


Thank you for your support these past 14 months.

love n peace ~ owl and daallee

The Living Room

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Dally and I have wanted a little comfy place for a while,

a place to give back to Musicians and Artists we love and appreciate.

This space is a welcoming hang out to share Artist’s and Musician’s creative talents with our friends and the SL community.

We feature a new artist every month and

have an opening and closing with a live musical guest.

In between is a music party night with 2 performers.

Occasionally we will host a fashion show  or other event again with a musical guest.

Come on by and check it out!

The Living Room

 Windlight Magazine February 2016

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