Virtual Relationships


Virtual Relationships

The word Virtual is an adjective its meaning has evolved with technology’s advance in our world. One Virtual definition is being in effect but not in fact or name or close to but not quite something. A new definition describes virtual as existing or occurring on computers or on the Internet.

Close to but not quite something would imply that a virtual relationship isn’t real. I would disagree with this in many ways, your experience of something you believe is always real. An emotional exchange can have the same effects on the psyche in virtual space as in physical space. Sharing time, love, humor and fun virtually can exude warmth and connection even virtually.

Friendships and romantic relationships have been and are more frequently being forged virtually. In some ways, a virtual relationship requires more thought and effort as subtle visual cues are nonexistent. In some ways, more open in communication possibly due to the illusion of protection or distance may make it easier to share deeper feelings and thoughts.


Alexia Paragorn  has put together a Second life meet up


April 1ST 12pm slt

@ Commune Utopia in Second Life

Pillow_Talk flyer square V2

Pillow Talk

An intimate conversation about Love, Sexuality and Relationships

One of the most fascinating things within our virtual world are the connections we make with others, often we meet people we would not easily encounter in our regular lives or experiment with lifestyle choices and relationship styles.

Building friendships and love relationships on a virtual base has many benefits and also, its own unique challenges. With the freedom to explore our desires many more options open up to us and we are able to learn about ourselves and grow as individuals and gain beautiful experiences.

We would like to talk about all sorts of topics this brings up, have a discussion and an exchange of experiences and perspectives.

Let’s connect on a more intimate level, we invite you to join us

Commune Utopia Pillow Talk Location

Take this Teleport!


Pillow Talk Facebook 

Commune Utopia On the web

This is Bound to be an interesting deep and enlightening chat do come join us!

More of my thoughts  on this subject I blogged Love Virtually

♡ ~owl

  • *above photos by Owl Flyer by Alexia

This takes place in the virtual world of Second Life.

You can sign up for free on the Second life website here.





YES Live Blindboy Gumbo


Blindboy Gumbo is back!

Wednesday March 15th live @ Commune Utopia 11am

Your ride to the show click here.

Northern Englishman Blindboy Gumbo is a songwriter who blends an urban mix of slide guitar and Rock, with a hint of Alternative Country into an exciting spicy gumbo within an acoustic setting that is both familiar and inviting.

This Geordie knows how to use classic inspirations, to fuel a new generation of tunes to leave you with eargasms.

I Find Blindboy Gumbo to be a totally impressive musician.

Blindboy is an original songwriter, who is very creative and quite a talented and skilled slide guitarist.

He has a huge sense of humor, quite a sexy accent and a incredibly swank fashion style.

These things all combine to make him and his show memorable in every way!

Once you hear and experience Blindboy you will be hooked he shares a glimpse of his soul at every show and it is wild, moody, beautiful and rough! (in my opinion)

This Video Project Scifi is done by Fushia Nightfire

Featuring Blindboy Gumbo’s Everyday Life.

“Any performer capable of bringing soulful melody to a song about an adult toy is one worth listening to, and Blindboy Gumbo’s cheeky sense of humor defines his on-stage presence – along with his gruff and graveled voice and the kick of his slide guitar. All just part of his irresistible Northern UK charm” Willow Caldera


Check Blindboy out online or in Second life


Come listen to Blindboy Gumbo Live

in the Virtual world of Second life  at Commune Utopia

March 15th Wednesday at 11am SLT

Tune in turn on ..take the ride…

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Jed Luckless Winter Rocks Tour SL 2017


I was thrilled to get this announcement from Jed’s group:

“Jedtainment is pleased to announce the

Jed Luckless Winter Rocks Tour 2017!

Ten shows throughout the month of March

with amazing light shows and live webcasts from The Jedstead!

Hope to see you at a show :)”

Whoo hoo first night kick off of winter tour
at Commune Utopia March 6th – 5pm SLT.
Do come join us in second life here at Commune Utopia
Moondance Parx will be sharing her wild particle show with us!
I had to ask Jed some fan girl questions and being Jed
he recorded most of his answers for me Listen below .

The questions I had to umm coax out of him …

What is the sexiest thing a Fan has ever done for you?

I guess I need more fans cos im having trouble coming up with an answer

(sounds like you Jedheads need to get on this )

What color are your eyes?

I have brown eyes

How old is your favorite T shirt?

  • I have a lot of t-shirts. Picking a favorite would be like picking a favorite Dead or Phish song.
  • Don’t laugh, but I wear a lot of JLB t-shirts around the house, since I would never wear those outside.
  • One of my oldest shirts is a hand-made batik Phish shirt I got years and years ago in New Hampshire. I wore it at a few of our Phish Bowl concerts.



I love Jed shows I have been “on the bus” since 2011

dancing and Listening to Jed’s shows with catfish.

I was lucky enough to catch a Jed Luckless band show in Greenwich  CT awhile back.

So much fun and well worth the trip.

My recommendation is

catch as many of these shows as you can .. you will be thrilled!

 Jed’s Winter tour Dates
Jed Luckless is a songwriter and performer in Second life and RL. His relaxed vibe and jammy style has earned him the nick name Jammin’ Jed amongst his fanbase.  He truly grabs the crowd, connecting the live energies and infusing the music with passionate jams, cosmic drum solos and atmospheric spaces. Jed plays assorted cover tunes from a variety of classic rock artists, as well as a wide range of original songs.
He also live streams
where you can see him switching instruments and live looping his show
on The Jedstead .
For more Jed info check his website.

Devin a delight

Photo of Devin by 10 Mix

Devin is an amazingly gorgeous sim owned and created by Roy Mildor, Ally Daysleeper and Alienmaus Allen.

2 levels of beautiful landscaping and cute poses, cuddles and hangout spots.

A gorgeous hazy panorama of a safari complete with a jeep you can drive (or crash in my case) around the sim. A green woody paradise that has a sweet little boat rezzer you can glide around the sim in.

Photo by me – owl

I have visited Devin a few times now my first was in January I shot I think some gorgeous photos. Unfortunately, a few days later my Laptop died losing all my photos and some important work stuff.  It took me awhile to replace my laptop and last week I finally got to go back to Devin. The sim’s are as gorgeous as I remembered.

Photo by Sandi Benelli

I particularly love the desert of Devin everything about it is so well put together in such an awe inspiring unique way. The hazy sky and “air” really add to the feel of the place.

My friend Lotus and I took the keep around to look it was a lot of fun bouncing and driving around. I crashed us into Ally and Roy’s home couldn’t turn the jeep around fast enough and we both got ejected lol.  We landed at Devin 2 a nice wooded part of the sim with a stream lighthouse trees really pretty. Lotus and I took the boat around up there with no crashes.Both areas are beautiful to visit and can keep you entertained for hours with a friend or a camera.

Your teleport  


Photo By Sunny Difference

Roy Mildor is a very skilled Photographer you can see his work here.

Roy ‘s Blog  here.

Roy also makes beautiful poses which you can find at his store ~Art of poses~ here.

  Ally Daysleeper does some pretty stunning photos herself which you can see on her Flickr.

Alienmaus Allen can also be found on flickr with some stunning photos of her own.

Devin has become quite popular and is recommended by SL destinations.

Blogged on Cait’s world 

Blogged by Inara on It’s a Modem World.

 Goodnight Photography got some beautiful shots.

Kat and Mouse  found time to go play and get some great shots

Electra of Showtime magazine got a nice interview with Roy & Ally.

Photo by me – owl

Go enjoy this gorgeous spot

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