Niamh’s Journey


Niamh’s Journey of Dreams

“Niamh’s Journey of Dreams” is a collaboration between the amazingly talented Cybelemoon and Ceakay Ballyhoo.

“Are you ready to follow Niamh?

Grand Opening Wed, April 19th, noon SL time

Caledonia Skytower, from Seanchai Library,

will be reading from the journey as we go.”

Niamh's Journey Invitation_Opening Poster

Cybele’s “Tales of the Tuatha” was chosen to be the inspiration for a new sim-wide installation on Mistwood Isle.

Ck’s previous work “The little girl and the forest beyond” was such a creative journey. Once I heard of her involvement in bringing one of Cybelemoon’s stories to “life: in Second Life I was so excited to see it!

“CK has tried to do justice to the original tales of Cybele’s blog and the accompanying pictures which make for the typical warm, fairytale feel that is Cybele’s style.

She’s had help from Elwyn Lorefield who has the amazing powers to script and create the effects much needed for the mysterious Firefly Forest!

Follow the story through the storyboards, click on them for the NCs with the text, and follow in Niamh’s path as she tries to retrieve all her lost dreams!”


Cybele Moon (Hana Hoobinoo) or the Dune Mouse, maintains a wanderer’s life in both worlds.

Cybele loves the telling of tales. She is drawn to both history and myth.

In real life, she photographs both dreamy landscapes and old stones, sometimes using an infrared camera. Her photos have been sold in art shops and displayed in a museum gallery – as well as a few galleries in the virtual world.

“I have a mix of SL and RL in my photos. For me, there is only a fine line between a perception of reality and a vision, and so, as with all things my work is constantly changing and evolving.”


The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter:



“Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK) has been around SL for quite some time.

 Recently, she has shifted her focus from socializing to art.

First as a photographer, later combining photographs with atmospheric builds.

In 2016, she felt she was ready for a full installation and got a grant for a  LEA sim. For six months’ people were able to roam around in her Watercolor Wander, completely built out of watercolor paintings and watercolor textures.

Finally, having developed her own style and a fairly unique trademark, ideas were flying around again soon. Having your own world to wander around in is very inspirational and highly addictive!

It led to the installation The Forest Beyond which was on display from January till March 2017 and now to this joint effort with CybeleMoon.”

CK has an inworld gallery and an artwalk with collected art of fellow SL artists. Both can be reached by taking a tp from the Landing Point at Niamh’s Journey (UP).


Ceakayballyhoo’s Blog

CKB Art on the MP



Go explore : )

your teleport

~ owl

*above photos by me except the

Invite poster  sent to me by Cybelemoon & Ceakay Ballyhoo

Death and Time

headless divinity photo by owl

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away” Terry Pratchett

Those we love we continue to love even when their walk on the earth has ended. The love and memories hold the connection. Death is part of our natural cycle of living. Those afraid to die seldom really live.

My Father was not afraid. He enjoyed life and taught me many things. He was alone most of his adult life and taught me a self-reliance and appreciation for the quiet of being alone. I was very lucky he was conscious and made all of his own decisions right up to the end. He asked for the plug to be pulled all I did was hold his hand and be there. He squeezed my hand and I heard his breath leaving I squeezed back and told him I loved him.

It felt as if the world stopped and I needed to slow down life doesn’t work that way.

Things, burocratic red tape, paperwork and everything you have to do once a parent dies feel harsh and cold. Suddenly you find yourself dismantling their life and time doesn’t stop. Seven months later I am still in probate and clearing my father’s stuff. (I am told sometimes it takes years)

Ladder by Owl (Doll Coco)

“Time stops for no man”

“The wheel is turning and you can’t slow down,

You can’t let go and you can’t hold on,

You can’t go back and you can’t stand still.. “ GD

Moon festival  photo by Owl

Greif, grieving seems different for all of us. For me it is in waves, I love and think of my father daily. I have moments where it’s all overwhelming and I am lost.

The nagging stress questioning, am I dealing with his stuff right, what is this thing, what do I do with it, why is there so much stuff.

I keep seeing things and they mean nothing.

Why do we spend our lives surrounding ourselves with things?

No stuff is worth what a few more hours of time are worth to me.

Broom photo by owl








Wonderful May at The Living Room

Cammino_3 by Mistero Hifeng photo by owl

The Living Room kicked off the month of May

on the 3rd with a wild Party opening Mistero Hifeng’s exhibit.

Winston Ackland performed live for the opening his style and warmth eased the tumultuous emotions Mistro’s art stirred.

Contrasting beautifully the warm, vibrant music by Winston and the artistic expression of the deep realms of Mistero‘s soul.

Both the art and the music were quite heady at one point 57 people were there it got a little chaotic and a lot of fun!

Mistero Hifeng photo by Owl

We are so excited to have Mistero’s work through this month.

Each piece draws you in and takes your mind into contemplation.

His art has a way of digging into your soul and bringing up deeper feelings.

Inara Pey describes Mistero’s exhibit in her in depth style in her blog

Living in a Modemworld.

Apmelina also made the opening and blogged in

Min Avatar Heter Apmel

Dream by Mistero Hifeng photo by Owl

We have a full line up of events to celebrate this month.

Thursday Music Party! May 19th

5pm slt – The Vinnie Show

6pm slt – Mark Allen Jensen

Wednesday May 25th

5pm Tone Uriza

6pm Bat Masters


Tuesday May 31

12pm slt Gandalf Mornington

We hope you find some time to come see Mistero HIfeng’s work.

It really is something you do not want to miss.

Untitled by Mistero photo by owl

In addition to these events The Living Room is open 24/7

come visit us by clicking here

thank you ~ owl

7 things you don’t know about Owl

Wow Thank You Jason of Nerdy Life Of Mine

for nominating me for the The Versatile Blogger Award!

Le Botanique build By Liara Okiddo blogged here photo by Owl

Once nominated you are to

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  • Include a link to their blog.
  • Next, select 15 blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award (link)
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

 7 Things about me..

  • I have been to well over 300 Grateful Dead shows while Jerry was alive.
  • I make herbal body care products.
  • I have taught herbal classes in both Real life and a Virtual world.
  • I have been spoiled on organic Fair trade coffee for over 20 years.
  • I have booked and hosted Art and Live music events in both Real Life and a virtual world.
  • I lived in Sardinia as a child.
  • I have traveled in Europe and parts of Mexico.
Rest photo by owl

I met Jason through Blogging 101. I joined  this course to pass time in the hospital while sitting with my Father. I have to say I got so much more from this course than I expected.

Blogging 101 has taught me new ways to see my blog, use the reader, widgets, think about posts, connect with people and view others blogs.

I feel like my blog has improved through this course. It was fun connecting with other bloggers outside of Second Life  and seeing their reactions to my virtual world blog. It was really great and insightful to be exposed to others blogs and what they do.

Desert photo by owl

I nominate the blogs below for the Versatile Blogger Award

Inara Pey – Living In a Modemworld


Loverdag’s Second Life Photo Diary

Second Sighting


Mainland Matters

Roy Mildor SL Fashion Blog – What men like

Slightly Fashionable

The Poultry Report

Pygar Builds The World with You

Million Happy Endings

Snippets of a Traveling Mind

Ameen’s Musings

Shmaltz and Menudo


Please go check these Bloggers out they all do something I like a alot!


What does your name say?

Day #11 in the Blogging 101 course the assignment is -Make a Prompt Personal

I chose “Say your name ” the task -Write about your first name

This is listed on The Daily Post

Free photo by Owl

I chose the name Owl as mine because I feel it in my bones.

In 1998 I was studying with a shamanic teacher. At the time in my real Life I was an herbalist. The plants brought me to the shaman through a connective exercise. Anyway I ended up learning and working with the shaman for almost 2 yrs. In the beginning days of this learning I was working nights. I got home around 2am and well does anyone go to bed after work right away. I didn’t want to wake my housemates so I would go for night walks. It is so beautiful and quiet at night we lived near woods and a cemetery.

I had always heard the owls at night but hadn’t seen them. I was spending weekends with the shaman and doing guided visualization. One weekend the meditation work was to let our spirits soar. My vision was odd I flew I crash-landed then flew again then I ate a baby bird.  I think it was a baby crow or raven. I actually felt it scratching my throat at the time. When I came back from the visualization I was a bit upset and confused. My teacher told me to let that go and see what was being given to me and to look for the lesson. I am not quite sure I understood the lesson then or now.

Driving home that night it was late almost 2am on a Saturday night the car in front of me swerved. I see a flash of feather in the headlights as the car drives away. I stopped and went to look. The car had hit an Owl it was huge and very injured. I was not sure what to do it was obviously dying. I sat with the Owl. Later I found out it was a Great horned Owl. The owl held my gaze and make a low rumbling sound on and off for quite awhile. I got it out of the ditch and into the nearby woods. I sat with the Owl a little over 2 hours as the moon slid across the sky. I Moved the Owl closer to a tree and laid a few pine branches over it. When I came back the next day the owl was gone there were feathers I still have 3 of them.

As long as I lived at that house I heard and saw the owls after that experience. I even saw Babies once, it was a magical space in time.

Spirit photo by Owl

A few years later my best friend had found Second Life and for her birthday she wanted me to check it out. We shared a bottle of wine and she set me up to enter the virtual world of Second Life. When joining you are asked to name your avatar Mine is Owl Dragonash.

The fantasy of an Owl Dragonash…

Born in imagination where Owls and Dragons fly, head crowned with Faunish Antlers, Ears pointed Elvish style and Sprout Fairy wings on occasion. This half Woman, Faun, Fairy Owl, Dragon Elf lives in “an imaginary world in an imaginary time”. This Owl is associated with Magic, Wisdom, Healing, Sensuality, Strength and playfulness. She loves Live Music, Art, photography, good conversation, wandering Sl builds, Spirituality and Fun!

I believe … photo by Owl

What does your avatars name mean and how did you get it?

Thank you for sharing and stopping by

~ Owl