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Whispers & Rumors SL14B

SL14B with Carnival as the theme Opens Sunday June 18th.

Snipits and bits I have heard so far that caught my interest..

Zak Claxton

Indie musician, happy person. 1/3 of They Stole My Crayon. Priorities: compassion, nature, laughter.

FRIDAY JUNE 23, 2PM: Second Life Music Fest (SL14B)

Zak Claxton is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and performing musician who is best known over the last nine+ years for his online live performances in virtual worlds and remote video streams. A respected multi-instrumentalist and occasional session musician, Zak’s first album as a solo artist was released in 2009. He’s also a member of So Cal-based alternative band They Stole My Crayon, whose debut album is planned for release in Summer 2016. Zak loves many things, including most kinds of cheese, really nice guitars, pie, and just about all kinds of music. Learn more about Zak here.

 Suzen JueL Resistance

I can’t wait to see what Suzen has built, her work is always wild and full of color!

Below quotes from her Facebook.

“I’m calling my exhibit at the SL14B ‘Mary’s Lipstick’”

“I’m excited to have been asked to participate in exhibiting my art for this year’s SL14B! <whistles impatiently>  will be some sweet freebies here when it opens to the public”

Check out more things Suzen in this blog post I did about some of her art exhibits awhile back.. Suzen is such an Amazing Musician and wild woman!

 She is playing at sl14B  @ the SL14B Music festival.

Here is a link to her performing calendar and website

 ( I have her June 27th at The O R I G I N A L S.. stay tuned!)

John Herring

Just got my invite to build at SL14B, let the fun begin!

Iam quite Positive this Involves Kultivate Magazine

Anything John is involved in is always worth checking out in my opinion!

Jo Yardley posted for 1920s Berlin19224834_1697896937180838_2185159385146118094_n 

Stone’s Works

“I am very proud to announce that Stone’s Works was asked to create the Welcome Sim for SL14B ! (14 years for Secondlife) who’d a thunk it! The Celebration opens on June 18th and I hope you all come visit! There will be a lot of gifts from creators around the grid, a lot of music as well as some fabulous builds !!! For the Welcome sim I have created – ehmm not allowed to give it away – but think dragons!”

Kody Meyers
 feeling excited.

“And this is a very excited photographer sitting in his parcel at the SL14B Community Celebration!”


There will be a new free avatar to pick up at SL kiosks..

Once SL14B is open this link may lead to one.

 Sl14b av

Look it has Antlers!! yay Hoot!

For more glimpses check the destination guide here

SL14B is coming soon check the official SL14B website for info!

Open Sunday June 18th!

Hoot Hoot yeah Iam excited!

see you there







Second Life Virtually 14

Second Life has a huge birthday bash coming soon

Creative Artists, builders, dreamers, Musicians and more!

The theme for this year is Carnivalesque!

June 18th – 25th Sl will be 14 years old.


Wow a virtual world of 14 years its insane think about where technology was 14 years ago 2003

(ipods, usb flash, blue tooth were all new).

IN sl we all looked umm well like noob’s.

Speaking of Noobs there are 2 big parties inside the huge party, many parties inside actually but these 2 are featured:

“We will be hosting two costume parties inworld – Come as You Were, and a Masquerade Ball. We all come into this (virtual) world as total n00bs, and the Come as You Were party is a nod to those days of yore – whether it was yesterday or over a decade ago. Put your best Ruth forward, as there’s a costume contest and a L$5000 prize on the line! We’re also hosting a Masquerade/Masked Ball – where mystique and intrigue are sure to reign supreme! There is also a L$5000 prize for the best at the ball! Both parties will take place at the Cake Stage in the SL14B Community Celebration Regions – stay tuned for details once those locations go live! Those Regions will also be home to where you can pick up a special commemorative avatar and bonus gift from the Lab.” (taken from Xiola Linden’s post on the sl Blog.)

  • Masquerade:June 19, 2017 from 11am – 1pm SLT
  • Come as You Were: June 21, from 6 – 8 pm SLT
  • sl14b Music festival

Hoot a huge Music festival too!

Now, on With the Show!
We are going to rock the Grid with three days of music – from Italian Opera to full on Psychedelic Rock – and you won’t want to miss out on that. Our 3rd Annual Music Fest is coming, and so much cooler than Coachella – literally, you can blast the air conditioning or fans from the comfort of your computer! Details about lineup and location to come – but be sure to save the dates, get your tail feathers ready to shake, and find those ‘rock on’ bento gestures for the show!” (Xiola Linden’s blog post)

  • Music Fest Day 1: June 23, 2017 from 11 AM – 3 PM (SLT)
  • Music Fest Day 2: June 24, 2017 from 8 PM – 12 AM (SLT)
  • Music Fest Day 3: June 25, 2017 from 4 PM – 8 PM (SLT)

No idea yet when the lineup will be released I will blog them as I find out  but keep checking the official SL14b website so you don’t miss all the fun.

Sl14b website

sl14b logo bluish

If you haven’t heard about it there is a also

a huge shopping event happening through June 25th

Lots of free gifts and discounts by designers all over the grid.

Here is the link to destination guide as this shopping event is 3 regions big.

SL14B shopping Destination guide

Iam so excited for all this Carnivalesque  to begin, Art builds Music . Wild folks  showing off their wild creativity! The builds are always inspiring and mind blowing!


Hope to see you there this year

~ owl

Suzen Juel Resistance in SL

@ White Chapel Londen LEA

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist

Totally wild Suzen Juel!

 Suzen grew up with a family of French Musicians Artists and Writers, no wonder she was playing guitar by 13 and expanding. Suzen’s first CD came out in 1989. She began performing in Second Life in 2005 with her 6 string guitar. Being one of the first Indie artists to perform in second life she has seen the music scene grow

While expressing her artistic side and emotions through her music, words and art it emerges as a tapestry of color and sound.

Suzen’s musical style is powerful, bold, sensual, earthy and wild!

Peacock Gallery

Suzen Juel aka Juel Resistance also shares her Art in second life.

She did a LEA build in 2016 I got the chance to ask her a few questions in this blog post.

  • “Suzen you are obviously passionate about your music and Art.
  • What would you say is your main motivator to create?

“My main motivator to create is a push of thought that is so powerful it can’t be ignored. The logical reason however is…(like Dylan once said, I don’t like the songs I hear so I wrote my own)….I don’t like a lot of things I see around me….blank walls, silent rooms, no color….So I wanted to create things that make my eyes happy, songs that make someone…somewhere…feel what I’m feeling. We all express what is inside of us in different ways. Some people are vocally expressive, others express through fixing things, or creating lavish meals, or simply cleaning a space around them… all has a purpose. I become overwhelmed with an emotion of sorts and it comes out through color or sound.”


Some of the current places to go see Suzen’s work in second life :

Altered Suzen Juel  – Her newest gallery with live performances

Your teleport

Suzen’s Art at the white chapel londen Lea Build

Your teleport

Suzen Juel’s work at The Dirty Grind – a steampunk sl venue and artists collective

Your teleport

Suzen’s work at The Peacock Art Gallery

Your teleport

@ Dirty Grind

Suzen Juel on the web SuzenJuel .com

Check out her Marketplace store  

Suzen on flickr

Suzen on Facebook

Thank you for stopping in and go see some art or listen to some live music!


Fantasy Faire SL



“Celebrating its ninth year, Fantasy Faire 2017 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world, bringing their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.”

From the Fantasy Faire website

Unfortunately, Cancer is a disease that has touched all of us in some way it’s a very worthy cause and Second life hosts many events that support Relay for life.

 Visit the Totals page to see what SL events have earned for Relay For Life during the year: Sl Totals


This amazing creative colorful fantasy events end tomorrow builds are up through may 4th.. I hope you have had time to go see all the amazing builds and shop to support cancer research.

I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to at Faire this year but that is a common occurrence in second life.  Time even in a virtual world is precious and gone too fast.

Enjoy what time you have as all too soon it may be gone.


The time I had to spend at fantasy faire I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around meeting people seeing the builds and yes shopping. lol I bought toys. I kind of have a thing for toys I buy particles and bubble blowers and recently even a ridable mesh horse. Hey it has to be fun right?

Now hop on it and run off to Faire tomorrow is its last day!


Fantasy Faire on the web

Relay for Life of Secondlife

Relay for Life

Thank you for stopping in!


Niamh’s Journey


Niamh’s Journey of Dreams

“Niamh’s Journey of Dreams” is a collaboration between the amazingly talented Cybelemoon and Ceakay Ballyhoo.

“Are you ready to follow Niamh?

Grand Opening Wed, April 19th, noon SL time

Caledonia Skytower, from Seanchai Library,

will be reading from the journey as we go.”

Niamh's Journey Invitation_Opening Poster

Cybele’s “Tales of the Tuatha” was chosen to be the inspiration for a new sim-wide installation on Mistwood Isle.

Ck’s previous work “The little girl and the forest beyond” was such a creative journey. Once I heard of her involvement in bringing one of Cybelemoon’s stories to “life: in Second Life I was so excited to see it!

“CK has tried to do justice to the original tales of Cybele’s blog and the accompanying pictures which make for the typical warm, fairytale feel that is Cybele’s style.

She’s had help from Elwyn Lorefield who has the amazing powers to script and create the effects much needed for the mysterious Firefly Forest!

Follow the story through the storyboards, click on them for the NCs with the text, and follow in Niamh’s path as she tries to retrieve all her lost dreams!”


Cybele Moon (Hana Hoobinoo) or the Dune Mouse, maintains a wanderer’s life in both worlds.

Cybele loves the telling of tales. She is drawn to both history and myth.

In real life, she photographs both dreamy landscapes and old stones, sometimes using an infrared camera. Her photos have been sold in art shops and displayed in a museum gallery – as well as a few galleries in the virtual world.

“I have a mix of SL and RL in my photos. For me, there is only a fine line between a perception of reality and a vision, and so, as with all things my work is constantly changing and evolving.”


The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter:



“Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK) has been around SL for quite some time.

 Recently, she has shifted her focus from socializing to art.

First as a photographer, later combining photographs with atmospheric builds.

In 2016, she felt she was ready for a full installation and got a grant for a  LEA sim. For six months’ people were able to roam around in her Watercolor Wander, completely built out of watercolor paintings and watercolor textures.

Finally, having developed her own style and a fairly unique trademark, ideas were flying around again soon. Having your own world to wander around in is very inspirational and highly addictive!

It led to the installation The Forest Beyond which was on display from January till March 2017 and now to this joint effort with CybeleMoon.”

CK has an inworld gallery and an artwalk with collected art of fellow SL artists. Both can be reached by taking a tp from the Landing Point at Niamh’s Journey (UP).


Ceakayballyhoo’s Blog

CKB Art on the MP



Go explore : )

your teleport

~ owl

*above photos by me except the

Invite poster  sent to me by Cybelemoon & Ceakay Ballyhoo