Owl’s Bio


Hello welcome

 What does Owl do?


I explore, go to Live Music shows, Hang out, Take Photos, Blog,  Host Art exhibits, host Live music, book musicians and get involved in community.

( The Living Room , Burning Sim, Commune Utopia, Darkstar, Hippiestock )

Currently I am helping with Music events at Commune Utopia!

I hope you have fun Looking through Owls eyes.

About this blog posted  in Who I am and why Iam here

More Photos on my Flicker.
Daallee and I with BAT !

My Best friend Daallee & I used to run The Living Room!

( Visual Art Gallery and Live Music Venue)

It was @ Lagrange Spaceport

a wild Sim with a lot to explore owned by Hippie Bowman.

The Living Room

The Living Room on Flicker.

The Living Room on Facebook

I was interviewed in Eclipse Magazine

By Cajsa Lilliehook in the Voices on the grid section.

My photos have been exhibited

@ Holly Kai Park  December 2016

Art in the park series

Inara Pay – Living in a Modem world

Photo of the day for Kultivate Magazine

 for BamPu Legacies! SL12B 2015 June 21 – 28

Bam Pu legacies blog !

 @ CKB Art Gallery – Ego Muse 2015 May – June

modem world Inera Pey’s blog

Caitlin Tobias’s blog

I was a photographer forSl11B Exhibitor Guide!

Exhibited photos at SL11B @ BamPu Legacies!

Bambi Of Bampu Legacies Blog

also Exhibited at Commune Utopia @ Sl11B

My first Photo exhibit was @  Commune Utopia in 2013

SL photo of the day (POD)

Sl POD 7/30/2014

Sl POD 8/15/13

Sl POD 7/1/13

~ ღ ღ ღ owl

Owl Dragonash On Flicker

 Owldragonash @ Google+

Owl Dragonash on Facebook

Owl Dragonash on twitter

Owl Dragonash on Tumbler

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