Bring your ears to hear these creative musicians share their musical talents in the virtual world of Second Life!

Woodstock Wednesday

 October 10th at Commune Utopia!

Tune in turn on take the ride!


This Woodstock Wednesday  starting at 9am we feature:

Gandalf Mornington (James Morrison)

Its wonderful to hear Gandy’s original songs and his take on some traditional acoustic folk Music. Gandy (James) shares his music in a heartfelt way playing often and jamming with friends. His enthusiasm and big heart come through in his musical Musings.

Watching and listening to Gandy’s evolving style and song writing has been a treat.

Gandalf started playing guitar as a teenager after bouts with the piano and cello. He played through school and then RL induced a long hiatus in his playing.  He picked the guitar back up in December 2008 and found SL for playing in January 2009.

Gandalf has taken his performance from SL to the real world. He play open mics in his area and goes to the SL live Jams most recently having been at the Nashville Jam and New England Jams.

“Music is the window into our Souls and I am opening mine to you.   Catch the Magic!!”

Recently Gandy collaborated with Dusky Rose, together creating a wonderful song

Waiting for the Muse.  His song the Dance is such a beautiful piece!

Check his facebook page you may catch him around the state and you can catch him weekly in the virtual world of Second life.

To find out what James is up to follow his

facebook page


You tube channel

ww winston

Winston Ackland isn’t new to the music scene playing for over 20 years. 

His musical career bridged Sl and Rl when his cover of “Lithium” was used in The 20th century Fox film “Marley and Me” 2008

In 2008, Winston’s Original  song ALL THE WAY appeared in the Vodka Martini Productions release of Hell’s Gate.

Bruce Lash ( Winston) with Ken Zawacki, were the pychedelic pop duo, the Virgineers.

The Virgineers recorded a critically acclaimed CD Valentine In 2010.

Bruce lash with singer Maura Corey created Prozak for Lovers.

Winston’s cover of “Psycho Killer” was used in Oliver stones “Savages” 2012.

Winston’s 2015 project is a collaboration between friends called Wonderland Diner.

Owl (owl.dragonash): What inspired you to play and sing?

Winston Ackland:”Seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. it made a huge impact on me. I was musical before that, but seeing them made me want to play for an audience and, once I discovered girls, it was all over. there was no turning back”

Owl (owl.dragonash): What do you love about Second Life?

Winston Ackland:” I love the fingerprints of everyone who is on the grid, whether they build things, or build connections between people. here we are, from all over the world, wandering the grid, sharing experiences. though these experiences are virtual, we still share them. I love how SL makes me question what “real” is.”

Winston’s Calendar

Winston aka Bruce’s website


Bruce Lash facebook

All of this and more happens in the virtual world Secondlife.

See you at the show!



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