The Singer Songwriter Music Festival evening @ The Mumbling Goat.

The Singer Songwriter Music festival!

Sept 20th @ The Mumbling Goat

Join us for this talented lineup!

3pm Aubryn Melody

“Cabaret Americana Folk Songstress with a dark side and a collection of corsets.”

“Aubryn’s quirky songs and sharp wit paired with often haunting melodies tell surprising stories of multidimensional women. Her sound has been described as “badass Allison Krauss,” “Carrie Underwood meets Hocus Pocus,” “Ragtime Goth Sorceress/Princess” and “Wild West meets Old School New Orleans”.”

Aubryn @ Facebook

Aubryn music @ Bandcamp

4pm Marqs DeSade

“Marqs DeSade’s strong, pure and deeply sensuous voice takes command and draws his audience into the stories and emotions of his songs. Fans agree, they’ve been ‘Marq’ed and keep coming back for more. He holds an impressive list of ‘originals’ and continues to create touching, romantic and memorable songs his fans look forward to hearing. His music is influenced by the classic rock of The Beatles, CCR, Eagles and various other talented artists forming his eclectic style. Marqs covers an impressive list of songs and always delights his audience.”

Marqs DeSade website

Marqs @ ReverbNation

Marqs Desade @ Facebook

5pm Lazarus Doghouse

“I like music I like real music.. I like my music.. and cherry snowcones. pubs and cafes, I like Fireball cold and straight up. Sailor Jerry, Slide guitars, howling at the moon, old Fender amps and taking my kid to 3D movies.”

If you have not been exposed to the Lazarus Doghouse experience .. You should be!

Laz has a totally unique down to earth style, southern slide and whiskey inspired lyrics. ‘Lower Chakra Blues!”

Lazarus Doghouse @ Facebook

6-8+Pm Jed Luckless Band (JLB)
Aww yeah!
JLB delivers a wild time with their talented music writing and jam style!
“The JLB is an original rock & roll band performing shows online and in the NY area. Formed in 2010, The JLB follows the jam band tradition, combining eclectic influences with extended improvisation and good vibes.
The band’s catalog of originals, along with an arsenal of classic rock covers and an appetite for exploration makes every JLB concert a unique event.”

Jed also live streams you can see him switching instruments and live looping his shows

on The Jedstead.

Jed’s website.

Jed Luckless @ Facebook

Jed Luckless Band

What a wild ride! Hope You have enjoyed these shows and got to see many of them.

The Singer Songwriting festival will be back next year!

For More Info ask Lazarus Doghouse.

~ owl

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