The Singer Songwriter Music Festival! @ Commune Utopia

The Singer Songwriters Music Festival continues today.

Sept 20th hosted  @ Commune Utopia 8 Am. – 3 Pm.

Peace, love, and happiness since 2011! Our bohemian paradise is filled with music, dancing, dreaming, passion, creativity, laughter, and so much more. Come and be part of the ever unfolding fantasy at Commune Utopia! Keep up in our blog here.

Tune In Turn On take the ride click here


8am- The Vinnie Show! –  Acoustic Rhapsody 

“Vinnie’s Second Life live streams have been dubbed “The Vinnie Show” because these performances are more than merely a live presentation of songs – both cover and original. Instead, they’re a representation of who Vinnie is as a person, filled with fun, laughter, and a sheer joy for all kinds of music – hopefully music to be enjoyed by his growing audience of Second Life friends and supporters.”

 Winner of 2016 Avi choice for Favorite Acoustic and Original songs.

Vinnie always delivers great music, thoughtful originals, lots of laughs and all around fun!

Vinnie on FaceBook
Vinnie’s Website

9am Lexus Melodie

Lexus is a British singer-songwriter whose performances combine great music, warmth of personality and a sense of humor in equal quantities. She has a voice that can melt hearts but never takes herself too seriously.

This Woman eases into her sound and seduces you with her talented songs!

Lexus on Facebook

10am POL Arida

Pol is an accomplished singer songwriter from Edinburgh UK. His unique hammer Guitar style is wild and drives home his lyrics with each original piece he shares.

The mind of Pol Arida is rocky terrain which leaks out his lyrical defense against a world gone mad. * listen

Pol Arida Website

Pol Arida Facebook

11am – Lexie Luan

“I would describe my music as original, acoustic, honest and edgy at times. It all comes from my heart. I think I would describe my shows the same way. I tell people, I don’t blog, I write songs, if you wanna know what I’m thinking, what’s going on in my heart, come to a show, I will sing to you all about it.”

12pm – Winston Ackland – Bruce Lash

Video by Fuchsia Nightfire

Winston Ackland isnt new to the music scene playing for over 20 years. His musical career bridged Sl and Rl when his cover of Lithium was used in The 20th century Fox film Marley and Me and again when Winstons cover of Psycho Killer was used in Oliver Stones Savages.

Winston’s sexy voice and talented fingers will make you swoon!

Winston’s Calendar

Winston aka Bruce’s website


Bruce Lash facebook


1pm – 3 pm LLuis Indigo – Lluis Garcia Torcal 

Today you get to experience the magical artistry of LLuis’s voice and guitar.

Lluis turned his creative focus to Musical theory and composition.

The result is an impressive hour of music that takes you from the mellow romantic tunes to being totally pulled in with the passion of flamenco!

From the land of Romance Lluis eases in and creates a sensual vibe or goes totally wild and shares a psychedelic experience.

LLuis on Facebook

LLuis’s calender

LLuis on Soundcloud

Check back here for Singer Songwriter Music Festival day 2 evening glimpse.

See you at the shows!

~ owl

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