Almost here The Singer Songwriter Music festival! A glimpse at the first day’s events!

The Singer Songwriter Music Festival!

Sept 19th

Happening @ The Mumbling Goat 3 pm. – 9 pm..

The Mumbling goat is a venue created by Meg Magdrigal & Lazarus Doghouse.

This wonderful space holds frequent live music events.

Watch for them in the events listings in second Life.

“It is never a good idea to just have one goat, you need at a minimum two goats. …… They huddle and cuddle, they eat and they sleep together.” (“21 Things to Know About Goats.”)

Your limo click here.

The Singer Songwriter Live Music Festival Sept 19 - 20th!

The day’s line up:

3pm Jukebox Diesel

“Juke draws from a long and varied musical background, Jukes style of playing for Sl is mostly a soft played fingerpicking acoustic Guitar to accompany his voice. In RL, Juke has been playing acoustic and electric guitar for many years and is a keen bass guitar player and drummer/percussionist. Having played in numerous bands in his native Scotland, Juke has also worked as a studio session musician, a sound designer for film and continues to write and produce music for other people from his studio at home.”

4 pm Whirli Placebo

” 2015 Avi Choice winner for Best Original Songs Artist Whirli Placebo -” Here’s my philosophy behind my performances: The only true measure of a live musician is if they take any kind of risk in their performance; if they dont, then that hour of music was a waste of time and space. I’ll come and try and play some original tunes, take some kind of risk…and if I fall on my ass, I guarantee you, I’ll be smilling and happy and get right back up and take more chances. If that kind of attitude is appealing to you, then please by all means come by and listen to some of my original music.”WP

Whirli Placebo’s Original – The Limited Capacity Model Of Motivated Mediated Message Processing Filmed and Produced by Fuschia Nightfire

at LEA21 as part of ‘Works of Zero Significance’

Whirli on Facebook

Whirli on YouTube

5 pm Raspbuy Rearwin

“Staying as far below the radar as he can, he’ll Ninja suprise you with his sultry smooth take on the songs you forgot you loved and a few you never heard before. Gripping originals and covers you won’t recognize make for an hour of fun and aural pleasure” M.M.

Being a Ninja Raspbury Rearwin is hard to find but Do keep your eyes open he is well worth catching if you can!

Raspbury on YouTube

6 pm Suzen JueL

“Expressing her artistic side and emotions through her music, words and art Suzen  emerges it all as a beautiful tapestry of color and sound.” O.D

Suzen’s musical style is powerful, bold, sensual, earthy and wild!

Suzen on the web here

Suzen on FaceBook

7pm Wishing Lane 

“Wish was taught from birth – 6th grade to Sing by her father, that decided he had a small Choir and looping station within the Children he was raising. All in Fun and to keep all 7 kids occupied while in the car riding and waiting on daily life events, including long car trips each year. Then she went on to Vocal training with a professional Opera singer. Later in life teaching herself to play Acoustic & Electric guitar to go along with the vocals. Wish is driven in hope that she can enlighten your daily lives with stress free, positive words and soulful tones to refresh your world. Wish plays originals & covers from artist like Tom Petty,- Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Nora Jones, ELO, Lynard Skynyrd, Grateful Dead, James Blunt and More. Survives on guitar, lungs, and guts alone!”

8pm Chaos Noyes

Chaos Noyes plays live-looping original music, layering bass, electric guitar, synthesizer, percussion, and vocals to create an entire band experience, heavy on guitar leads and jams and experimental sounds. Every show is completely unique. Heavily influenced by the music of The Grateful Dead, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Zappa, Little Feat, and Carlos Santana, and many more great artists. Rock and Jam with a side of Funk!

Hope to catch you at the Shows!

Check back here for day2  pre glimpse.

Most of these Musicians can be found on IndieSpectrum Radio


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