The Singer Songwriter Music Festival!

The Singer Songwriter Live Music Festival Sept 19 - 20th!

Please Join us for The Singer Songwriter Music Festival!

A line up of very talented Musicians, 2 days, lots of fun!

Sept 19th @ The Mumbling Goat 3pm. – 9 pm.

3pm Jukebox Diesel4pm Whirli Placebo
5pm Raspberry Rearwin
6pm Suzen JueL
7pm Wishing Lane & Chaos Noyes
8pm Chaos Noyes

Sept 20th @ Commune Utopia 8 Am. – 3 Pm.

8am  Acoustic Rhapsody – The Vinnie Show!
9am Lexus Melodie
10am POL Arida
11am TBA
12pm Bruce Lash – Winston Ackland
1pm – 3 pm Lluis Garcia Torcal – LLuis indigo

20th @ The Mumbling Goat 3 pm -8 pm

3pm Aubryn – Aubryn Melody
4pm Marqs DeSade
5pm Lazarus Doghouse
6pm Jed Luckless (2 hours)

See you at the shows!

~ Owl

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