Merdopolis home of Voir Gallery


This sim owned and created by Frenchy25 is totally dedicated to exhibiting fine artistic photography.

Twenty five (25) is the group for this sim here is a link to the Flickr group.

There are  5 galleries in this build along with some pretty wild landscapes to play or take photos in especially darker images.

Currently Tutsy Navarathna’s Bankable Ravages is exhibiting at

Les Egouts the lower level of Voir.

Here is a link to Tutsy’s Flickr.


Megan Prumier ‘s exhibit Fragments of time is in the Lobby and the Penthouse of voir.

Here is a link to Megan’s Flickr.


Frenchy25 is currently exhibiting in the Underground Gallery at voir.

Here is a link to Frenchy’s Flickr.


An exhibit of photos’s from Voir’s recent photography competition fill the voir tube gallery.

This exhibit includes the 3 winners and 10 honerable mentions from the competition.


Sunday August 26that 11am

 opening party for Calypso Applewhyte in the Garage gallery at voir.

Calypso will be exhibiting a retrospective of her work.

Music by

11:00 am slt Dj Bia

12:00 noon DD Digital

1:00 pm slt Dj Flo

here is the LM for the opening

You can find Calypso on Flickr here.

Hope to see you at the Opening ~ owl

click below

 Voir landmark

Voir Garage (opening) LM

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