Art & Music Moonlight @ SL14B


“The Ocean is more ancient then the mountains and freighted with the memories and dreams of time.” H. P. Lovecraft

I had to go see the Innsmouth build because Lovecraft is incredible and like many Artists of vision he is so much larger in death!

Innsmouth Alley by understanding complexity

Innsmouth, Massachusetts is a fictional town created by American author H. P. Lovecraft as a setting for one of his horror stories, and referenced subsequently in some of his other works.

My Musical aspirations for today;

The Vinnie Show!

One man, one guitar….. a whole lot of great music!

Thursday 10 am – cake stage

Moon Spark

This singer song writer is from the Netherlands.

 Thursday 1pm  – live stage

Moon Spark on the web

If you can make it that late …

Effinjay live @7pm cake stage

Gandalf Mornington Live @8 cake stage

You are not a member of Second Life until you experience the Giant Snail races!

 It is totally silly, a lot of fun, juvenile and so exciting even from the audience!

This particular event happens on Saturdays.

More info here 


Giant Snail Races by RacerX Gullwing

Celebrate the fun and excitement of the longest running event in Second life, Giant Snail Racing. Exclusive SL14B Freebie available.

 Graham Collins is a beautifully talented photographer.

His work has been displayed all over Second Life.


Graham Collinson art exhibit @Sl14B

 You can also see his work on Flickr

However some photos may not be G rated and those are really quite good!

Cake stage

Live stage

I hope your enjoying SL14B as much as I am!


~ owl




3 thoughts on “Art & Music Moonlight @ SL14B

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