Sky Fire to light up SL14B

It’s another packed day at SL14B!

Make sure you are checking the events website as there is so much going on!

Look here!

Go meet one of the Lindens that helps make things happen!


Xiola Linden

Lead Community Manager Xiola Linden will talk

June 21 at 2 p.m @ the Sl14b Auditorium

Your teleport

Photo from Sky fire performing @Burning sim 2015

I am so excited for Sky Fire’s set today!

Lexi & ParticleTom spin particles in the most amazing way.

Their shows truly take your breath away.

This is where and you want to be there!

Sky Fire @ Live Stage

your teleport to Sky Fire’s show

Wed, June 21, 5pm – 6pm


Particle Extravaganza by
Lexi Marshdevil and Particle Tom

Stream provided by Wacky DJ Gleanr

 SkyFire on Facebook

Sky fire @ Burning sim 2015 

Here a few of the builds I checked out today:

SL Project Hope

This was created to empower and support survivors individually and collectively.

We are committed to fostering hope, opportunity, peace, and empowerment for all those who are on a healing journey.

SL Project Hope provides a nurturing environment.


The Dragon is Born from Chaos by Kerupa Flow

“This is an old story about Chaos

Chaos has neither ears, nor nose, nor eyes, nor mouth.

The Chaos turned but did not advance.

The chaos only laugher seeing the sky ….”


Go explore have fun!

Oh, and add your photos on the official sl 14b flicker group

And don’t forget to add to the official Second Life group too!



*photos by me unless otherwise mentioned

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