Art & Music @ SL14B


There is so much to see and do each day it is impossible to see it and hear it all.

Today I visited Suzen Juel and the Dirty Grind exhibits.

I also plan on spending some time at the Live stage today!

Agusto Napoli @ Live Stage

Wed, June 21, 9am – 10am

Agusto is an acoustic Musician with a lean towards the Grateful dead and rock.

Agusto on face book

Poster by Daallee

Acoustic Rhapsody (The Vinnie Show!) @ Live Stage

Wed, June 21, 10am – 11am

Vinnie is an accomplished very talented Musician who plays in his Real Life as well as Second Life. His originals are a reflection of his life and experiences sharing a glimpse of the man’s soul.

The Vinnie show is like a box of chocolates… you never know what your going to get!
Acoustic goodness, with current favorites to Classic Rock, Pop songs….plus ORIGINALS. Be prepared to be completely entertained!

The Vinnie show website

Suzen juel Resistance
Poster by Suzen Juel Resistance

Suzen Juel @SL14B

Mary’s Lipstick gets on everything and everyone.

The mind is an abstract doorway into quirky illustration and bold color.

Suzen has so much going on her colorful world of art and music slips out and makes everything she touches explode into Juel Tones. Sometimes darker hues sometimes brighter ones never boring always a wild experience Suzen Juel Resistance!


Check out her contribution Mary’s Lipstick to Sl14B celebration then go look at her calendar and catch a show!


The Dirty Grind & Radio Grind celebrate the arts @ SL14B!

Experience the impact art has on SL, meet their family of artists & take them home in this dual-reality journey,

“What is SL without Artists?”

Enter the experience and watch a short introduction film then wonder the tunnels to experience the impact of the arts.. Meet our family of musicians before you make your way to the path up to the hilltop gallery for gifts from our artists, a gallery of our visual, literary and theatrical artists. 

The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community™ is the grid’s premiere all-inclusive arts destinations for artists and connoisseurs.

This acclaimed Adirondack steampunk™ haven for audio, theatrical, literary and visual art features over 40 hours a month of eclectic, 100% live, professional recording artists that span from rock and pop to folk and jazz.

Enjoy our 24/7 commercial-free radio station, featuring Radio Grind™ while browsing our artist’s booths at Radio Grind presents…™, exploring our featured visual artists and galleries, as well as the venue’s many surprises and games.

Dirty Grind website

Dirty Grind On Facebook

Visit the Dirty Grind sim


This is small part of what is happening at SL14B so get moving so much to see and hear!

See you on the grid ~owl



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