Masquerade Ball June 19th Sl14B


The Masquerade Ball!

Today June 19th @ 11am

“where mystique and intrigue are sure to reign supreme!

There is also aL$5000 prize for the best at the ball”

Put on your fanciest mask & attaire for the Masquerade Carnivalesque Ball

DJ Holocluck Henly will be sharing the music at the Cake Stage  for this event!

I have a great outfit for this and am so excited to see what people wear in this theme! Masks are always fun!

I hope to post some party photos on my flicker tonight or tomorrow.

The Sl14B flicker has some great photos!


The SL14B Community Celebration Cake Stage is on four regions. Built by Mikati Slade, it is the heart of the SL14B Community Celebration and also serves as a venue for musical and performance Art.

Mikati is a Digital artist from Japan.
Mikati’s Facebook Page
Mitaki’s Flickr

SL Newser – People  blogged Mikati here

This Video by Suzie Anderton shows Mikati Slade’s SLCake explosion in 2016.

Who doesn’t LOVE cake!


The theme this year is Carnivalesque and this art display Masked perfectly fits the theme!

“Masked: Carnevale di Venezia”

is a beautiful gallery of new photography done by Catalina Staheli, featuring the concept of amazing masks you’ll see worn during Carnevale in Venice.

Featured stylists include: Falbala Fairey, Beatrice Serendipity, Steele Sirnah, LeezahKaddour Resident, Zoya Braham, AnnaG Pfeffer, SeasidePurcell Resident, Xandrah Sciavo, Njegovanka Resident, and WrenNoir Cerise


In addition to the above is a full line up of events.

There are so many exhibits to check out.


Thank you for stopping in.

Now go explore!


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