Second Life Virtually 14

Second Life has a huge birthday bash coming soon

Creative Artists, builders, dreamers, Musicians and more!

The theme for this year is Carnivalesque!

June 18th – 25th Sl will be 14 years old.


Wow a virtual world of 14 years its insane think about where technology was 14 years ago 2003

(ipods, usb flash, blue tooth were all new).

IN sl we all looked umm well like noob’s.

Speaking of Noobs there are 2 big parties inside the huge party, many parties inside actually but these 2 are featured:

“We will be hosting two costume parties inworld – Come as You Were, and a Masquerade Ball. We all come into this (virtual) world as total n00bs, and the Come as You Were party is a nod to those days of yore – whether it was yesterday or over a decade ago. Put your best Ruth forward, as there’s a costume contest and a L$5000 prize on the line! We’re also hosting a Masquerade/Masked Ball – where mystique and intrigue are sure to reign supreme! There is also a L$5000 prize for the best at the ball! Both parties will take place at the Cake Stage in the SL14B Community Celebration Regions – stay tuned for details once those locations go live! Those Regions will also be home to where you can pick up a special commemorative avatar and bonus gift from the Lab.” (taken from Xiola Linden’s post on the sl Blog.)

  • Masquerade:June 19, 2017 from 11am – 1pm SLT
  • Come as You Were: June 21, from 6 – 8 pm SLT
  • sl14b Music festival

Hoot a huge Music festival too!

Now, on With the Show!
We are going to rock the Grid with three days of music – from Italian Opera to full on Psychedelic Rock – and you won’t want to miss out on that. Our 3rd Annual Music Fest is coming, and so much cooler than Coachella – literally, you can blast the air conditioning or fans from the comfort of your computer! Details about lineup and location to come – but be sure to save the dates, get your tail feathers ready to shake, and find those ‘rock on’ bento gestures for the show!” (Xiola Linden’s blog post)

  • Music Fest Day 1: June 23, 2017 from 11 AM – 3 PM (SLT)
  • Music Fest Day 2: June 24, 2017 from 8 PM – 12 AM (SLT)
  • Music Fest Day 3: June 25, 2017 from 4 PM – 8 PM (SLT)

No idea yet when the lineup will be released I will blog them as I find out  but keep checking the official SL14b website so you don’t miss all the fun.

Sl14b website

sl14b logo bluish

If you haven’t heard about it there is a also

a huge shopping event happening through June 25th

Lots of free gifts and discounts by designers all over the grid.

Here is the link to destination guide as this shopping event is 3 regions big.

SL14B shopping Destination guide

Iam so excited for all this Carnivalesque  to begin, Art builds Music . Wild folks  showing off their wild creativity! The builds are always inspiring and mind blowing!


Hope to see you there this year

~ owl

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