Devin a delight

Photo of Devin by 10 Mix

Devin is an amazingly gorgeous sim owned and created by Roy Mildor, Ally Daysleeper and Alienmaus Allen.

2 levels of beautiful landscaping and cute poses, cuddles and hangout spots.

A gorgeous hazy panorama of a safari complete with a jeep you can drive (or crash in my case) around the sim. A green woody paradise that has a sweet little boat rezzer you can glide around the sim in.

Photo by me – owl

I have visited Devin a few times now my first was in January I shot I think some gorgeous photos. Unfortunately, a few days later my Laptop died losing all my photos and some important work stuff.  It took me awhile to replace my laptop and last week I finally got to go back to Devin. The sim’s are as gorgeous as I remembered.

Photo by Sandi Benelli

I particularly love the desert of Devin everything about it is so well put together in such an awe inspiring unique way. The hazy sky and “air” really add to the feel of the place.

My friend Lotus and I took the keep around to look it was a lot of fun bouncing and driving around. I crashed us into Ally and Roy’s home couldn’t turn the jeep around fast enough and we both got ejected lol.  We landed at Devin 2 a nice wooded part of the sim with a stream lighthouse trees really pretty. Lotus and I took the boat around up there with no crashes.Both areas are beautiful to visit and can keep you entertained for hours with a friend or a camera.

Your teleport  


Photo By Sunny Difference

Roy Mildor is a very skilled Photographer you can see his work here.

Roy ‘s Blog  here.

Roy also makes beautiful poses which you can find at his store ~Art of poses~ here.

  Ally Daysleeper does some pretty stunning photos herself which you can see on her Flickr.

Alienmaus Allen can also be found on flickr with some stunning photos of her own.

Devin has become quite popular and is recommended by SL destinations.

Blogged on Cait’s world 

Blogged by Inara on It’s a Modem World.

 Goodnight Photography got some beautiful shots.

Kat and Mouse  found time to go play and get some great shots

Electra of Showtime magazine got a nice interview with Roy & Ally.

Photo by me – owl

Go enjoy this gorgeous spot

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4 thoughts on “Devin a delight

  1. owwwwww Owl, thank you so much for this wonderful blog. always nice to hear people feel free and good at our sims. you made such wonderful photos and great you found the way back …lol ….thank you and hugs big time my friend

    Liked by 1 person

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