A Dream Story

Ceakay Ballyhoo is back with another artistic story.


The Little Girl and The Forest Beyond! 

This story flows through a girl’s pre sleep thoughts into her dream inspired by a painting.

CK shares this beautifully with her build and through her story.

As you follow the path through the sim and click on rocks the little girls dream is shared with you. (if you would rather read the story in its entirety you can on Ceakay’s blog.)


Winding through you feel as if you have stepped into a dream.

You can follow the story or go off on your own and explore.

So many details and things that warm the heart and make you smile!

The Little girl and The Forest Beyond is on Ck’s home sim which is home to her gallery.

Visit this inspiring tale here.

sl360@The Forest Beyond

Panorama By Eriko Littlebird

As you visit and take Photos please include them in her Flicker group CKB Art.

Like her previous build CK will host a wander with the story being read aloud in voice during the tour. Keep your eye on her blog or check in at The Little Girl and The Forest Beyond build for times and dates.


There is also a story contest you can enter.

“Not all the creatures and trees or scenes have been included in the story of the Little Girl and the Forest Beyond. The ones that have are certain to have unmentioned stories to their lives yet!

If you like writing stories yourself, you are hereby invited to use the installation for inspiration!

Write a story, a poem, a song about any of the things in the Forest Beyond and send them to Ceakay Ballyhoo,

either by notecard or through mail (ceakayballyhoo@gmail.com)

The best story will be worth 500 Lindens!  Final date for submitting will be 12 February 2017” (taken from Ck’s blog)

You may be familiar with Ck’s Watercolor Wander Lea exhibit.

Inara Pey Blogged about it here.

This si a Video of Watercolor Wander By CK (both build and video)

A Watercolour Wander Impression

If you missed it embedded above here is your teleport!

Thank you for stopping by


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