Fall Trace photo by Owl

In America today is thanksgiving.

This year has been bleak dark and a very rough one for myself and many people.

My Father went into the Hospital in January and died in March.

My best friend got a horrible flesh eating infection and spent over a month in the hospital she is home now with so much healing still to do.

We are fiercely trying to protect water rights and the people in the forefront are getting hurt and persecuted.

America had an election and we are looking at the most horrible racist, self-righteous, ugly inside person to be our president.

It is hard to feel hopeful with this bleak darkness going on not only here but also all over the world. Opening your eyes and looking worldwide things are just as bad or worse.

Wow sorry. I am trying to write a positive thankful piece.

Winter Trace photo by owl

What am I thankful for ..

I am thankful for the ability to spend those last 2 months with my father holding his hand and being there with him everyday.

I am thankful for the many years of love and friendship he and I have shared.

I am thankful that my Mothers trip to the hospital during that time was short and she is healthy again.

I am thankful for my friends safe return home and that she is Alive!

I am thankful for trees and how they are helping us have clean air to breathe.

I am thankful for people who stand up for the rights of us all.

I am thankful for clean drinking water.

I am thankful for healthy food.

I am thankful for people who love me.

The photos are from the fall and winter trace sims.

This years Fall Trace has been primarily designed by Elvira Kytori.

The Winter Trace has been designed by Kylie Jaxxon and Elvira Kytori.

Your teleport.

The trace on flickr.

Above video by Rising Appalachia

Much Love ~ Owl

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