Mimi Carpenter Live ~ Commune Utopia!



A French musician who has been playing guitar and singing in Second Life in English, in French, in German, since September 2006.Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, Mimi is eclectic and her repertoire includes covers with strong rock, indie and pop influences, originals all accompanied by her acoustic guitar.

Mimi is a warm sweet musical experience that gets you dancing in your chair and leaves you smiling and warm!
MIMI is an experience you need to have!

More Mimi on Sound Cloud or her you tube channel

Mimi Carpenter photo by owlMimi Carpenter photo by owl

Join us in Second Life @ Commune Utopia!

11 am Commune Utopia  features DJ Epicurean

12 pm  Live Music By Mimi Carpenter

 7pm – 9pm Late night with Dj Bard Wasp

Tune in turn on come on out and play!!

Commune Utopia music teleport

Party @ Commune Utopia! photo by owl
Party @ Commune Utopia! photo by owl

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