Pol Arida at Commune Utopia!

Photo of Commune Utopia by owl

Woodstock Wednesday happens every week at Commune Utopia!

Dj Michael Strange

@ 11am

Michael Strange is a Stranger in a Strange Land. He is a human who was raised by Martians. He is still trying to understand what it means to be a human in the weird world of SL. However, he has discovered that he loves listening to and sharing most types of music. You will love the music he plays, his ability to comply with almost every request, and his offbeat sense of humor.

Nov 16th Features Live Music By: 


@ 12pm

POl Is Amazing and not to be missed!

Pol Arida’s `Hammer` Guitar style is widely regarded as unique, where the guitar is hit hundreds of times per minute to produce a multi-instrument sound.

The Hitchcock of songwriting” Nick Cave

“One of the most unique Guitarists on the planet” NME

“out on his own as a songwriter” BBC Radio

“Pain in the Ass” His Mum

“When all around us appears false then the only thing left is to think.” POL

Pol Arida is one of my favorite Second life musicians. The man has made the hammered guitar style very much his own and his originals bring lyrics that make you think. Pol expresses himself incredibly well through his music. I always leave his shows with my brain on fire with ideas and new ways of thinking.

Like many old school punk rockers his work may seem dark however when you listen you realize its not dark its expressing the dark, opening eyes and screaming look.

Pol Arida’s blog

All things POL

Above Videos from Pol’s you tube channel.

Late night brings us:

Dj Bard Wasp

7-9pm slt

A Unique set of Garage Psychedelia

Most of what I’ll be playing are garage psychedelic and from mostly unknown bands with a sprinkling of more well known bands like Spirit, It’s a Beautiful Day, Jefferson Airplane, 13th Floor Elevators, etc. etc.

Devoted to all those cool overdriven, fuzz laden, echo heavy, wha wha’d out sounds of the mid to late 60’s and even bands that came after them, emulating the same thing.

Tune in Turn on come on by Commune Utopia

Everyone is welcome.

Thank you for checking out my blog

Come join everyone and me Wednesday!


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