Submission life & Art

Exhibit and photo by elo
Exhibit and photo by elo

Today i went to check out a very moving art exhibit at Nitroglobus rooftop gallery

Always Closer by Lil’ Frenchie elo

I have been following her work on flicker for quite awhile now and her sensual style has always caught my eye. With this exhibit it feels like she shows a bit more of herself  letting the viewer into her private space.

This exhibit is skillfully done with great photography, poses and shadows however what struck me most about this series of photos is the feeling of trust and vulnerability.

Elo shows a tenderness and softer strength in her work. Viewing these photos brings a feeling of passion with a caring softness.

Submission is different for everyone who chooses to submit. Looking at Elo’s photos you see the healthy side of submission a tender caring and solid trust. A sensual opening to each other is a bond that many relationships reach for and those that make it there are beautiful to see.

Dido Hass has again shared greatness with us in her gallery this is an exhibit well worth your time and thought! See what Dido is doing in her blog Exploring Sl with Dido 

Elo's work at Nitroglobus photo  owl
Elo’s work at Nitroglobus photo owl

Elo’s bio note from the exhibit.

“I don’t like to talk about myself very much, so I will keep it short; here is what i will share with you:

I am an old SL Resident ;-), in real life I am French, living in north of France.

When i started to make photos in Second Life, I liked to make portraits. With the years, and the people I met, I wanted to explore the BDSM side of SL, that is, I have to specific, by making photos, because from what I learned to submit to someone is not a small thing.

Most of all I want my pictures to express deep feelings, and often I add songs to them, to make them stronger, music is part of my life too.

Here, in this exhibition, I wish to express the changes in my SL, as well as in my real life. This year has been full of emotions, good and not so good, but all very intense.

The little submissive girl didn’t find her Master, or maybe she did, but not a master from a BDSM world. Now that I know what submission means to me, I guess I always knew, however, it’s more clear to me now.

Submission is the ability to give the best of you to the one you love, without any questioning about the reasons of this love. It’s there, that’s all and you must show it, you must say it, and get Always Closer to it, because life is too short.

And because every beautiful story ends like this, the little girl dreams that ‘Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d’enfants’ :-)”

Elo’s profile

Lil Frenchie elo ‘s flicker

“I hope you will enjoy this exhibition. I give you a song which I love and which reflects this exhibition very well”

“Special thanks to Exa (Exa Valkoinen) for his patience, and being a help, a model, a friend, a partner and so much more.

Enjoy!  Elo “

Elo's work @ Nitroglobus photo low
Elo’s work @ Nitroglobus photo low

I hope you take the time to visit  and enjoy the exhibit as much as I did.


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