Rise of the Phoenix – Nov 6th

Photo by Sedi Dreamscape

Commune Utopia


Welcome Home!

A day full of Live music, Dj’s and celebrating!

Its a party to celebrate Commune Utopia having a permanent home in sl.

Come on by and help us break in our new sim.

Photo By Hippie Bowman!
Photo By Hippie Bowman!

12 am – 2am Dj Sailina Fhang Vaher  

3am – 6am TBA

7am Live Music – Lazarus Doghouse 

Laz on Facebook

8am Live Music – Laralette Lane 

Laralette on Facebook

9am Live Music – Gweeb 

Gweeb on Facebook

10am – Hippie Bowman 

Hippie On Facebook

11am –  Dj Fiona 

12pm Live Music – The Vinnie Show

Vinnie On Facebook

1pm Live Music – Kevin M Thomas & Mike Carnell

2pm Live Music – Winston Ackland  

Winston on Facebook

3pm Live Music – Benski Korhonen

4pm Live Music –Effinjay

Effinjay on Facebook

5pm Live Music – Billy Thunders  

Billy on Facebook

6pm – 8pm- DJ Fae (Sasha Fairywren)

8pm – 9pm – Dj Feather Fride 

10pm – DJ Dox 

Dox on Facebook

11pm – Tribe Chaffe 

Tribe on Facebook

Photo by owl

Come on Out to Commune Utopia

Your Magic Carpet Ride

Thank you for coming by ~ Owl

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