Woodstock Wednesday @ Commune Utopia

Commune Conga Crew

Conga Photo By Whimsical Aristocrat

Woodstock Wednesday @ Commune Utopia


Dj Michael Strange @ 11am

Michael Strange is a Stranger in a Strange Land. He is a human who was raised by Martians. He is still trying to understand what it means to be a human in the weird world of SL. However, he has discovered that he loves listening to and sharing most types of music. You will love the music he plays, his ability to comply with almost every request, and his offbeat sense of humor.

Commune Utopia_Joe Paravane_2013-09-14_002

Photo of Joe @ Commune Utopia Jan 2015 by Jamisson Burnstein

Nov 2nd @ 12pm Live Music By

JOE PARAVANE  ( Joe Rizzo)
Joe Paravane ~ San Francisco bay area singer songwriter ‘ Joe Paravane’ sings & performs acoustic finger-picking guitar mixing folk, rock, delta & ragtime styles.

All acoustic, no backing tracks, all live. Gibson J200 acoustic guitar with top of the line Neumann vocal microphone through warm tube preamps with professional studio sound quality and mix.

Joe also performs as a duo, trio and quartet all acoustic streamed live from his California studio. He performs with one of the real life members of the Jerry Garcia Acoustic band, a stand up acoustic bassist and percussionist.

WW photo by Owl
WW photo by Owl
Dj Bard Wasp
7-9pm slt
A Unique set of Garage Psychedelia
Most of what I’ll be playing are garage psychedelic and from mostly unknown bands with a sprinkling of more well known bands like Spirit, It’s a Beautiful Day, Jefferson Airplane, 13th Floor Elevators, etc. etc.
 Devoted to all those cool overdriven, fuzz laden, echo heavy, wha wha’d out sounds of the mid to late 60’s and even bands that came after them, emulating the same thing.
Commune Utopia Knows how to Party Photo by Sedi Dreamscape
Commune Utopia Knows how to Party Photo by Sedi Dreamscape
Join us every week !
 a hippie commune of over 1700 lovely people. We have a thriving community, which holds regular parties, live music events, discussions, book clubs, art shows and writing classes. We believe in freedom of expression – freedom in talk, freedom in creativity and some of us like freedom in sex. We respect all.”
Tune in Turn On Take the ride!  (click here for tp)
Thank you for reading now come on by …
~ Owl

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