SL Men look – ladies please share.

Ok Sl men ..

if your going to I’m a lady inappropriate propositions can you

PLEASE PLEASE at least appear as eye candy

not some totally out of the box free Av.

Trust me .. it will help your game .
Realistically so would a brain ….
Disclaimer .. this happens too often and well nothing personal : )

Here are some men’s blog suggestions and events that may help your Sl appearance.  Iam sure more are out there I mainly follow Women’s fashion things but hey when someones work stands out I look!
These Guys know how to dress and even share it with you.
They contain lots of photos and big words too.

"Thinking that you are forgotten is one thing...but knowing you  is another."

Above Photo by Roy Mildor on his flickr

I have been this way........

Above Photo from Hikaru Enimo’s flickr


Above Photo by Darkly Dover taken from flickr

[ kunst ] - Karl's pipe & Stark ring

Above photo taken from Waff’s flickr

These events seems like a good ones for you Guys

Check Seraphim and search men many events carry things for you mesh men.
Another good tip is search flicker  a lot of great photographers many men will list what they are wearing…

So thats my 2 cents for you Men out there in Second Life
*None of the above photos are mine credits are below each photo with a link to flickr and the blog as well.
Discrepancies in size (yes size matters in a post about men) are due to flicker settings.
Caitlin Tobias explains all that here on Sl bloggers support .
*no offence ment in any way.. resemblance to any one you know is unintentional*
Thank you for stopping by

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