Cicada art and musings


 Dathúil Art Gallery presents Cicada’s Solitude

“Solitude is the remoteness from habitations.

The sense of feeling to want to be away from everything.

I’d like to be able to get away for a long time,

just to think, to plan and to just be.

A time to fix myself, fix all things broken, fix everything.”



After reading Cicada’s statement above and wandering through her beautiful work a feeling of stillness and introspection flowed.

This is where my head went…


Cicadas are the longest living insects.


They speak to individuals directly through their song

and in the examples that their lives send.

Cicadas show us development, recognition,

and emergence of self throughout the various phases of life cycle.

Staying underground for much of its life,

the cicada insect breaks free and loses its shell.

“to shed your skin”

The Cicada shares how to deeply reflect , honor alone time,

face ourselves, transform and to grow with your life.

The cicada teaches us to listen to our own song and march to our own beat.

We are the song we sing and we can transform through our lifetime.

yeah some times its a bit odd in my head : )


Cicada is currently exhibiting at Dathúil Gallery of Art

The show will be open for the public the 5th- 30th.

Your Ride toDathúil Gallery of Art

Find more of Cicada’s work in her Flickr


Thank you for coming by ~Owl

As I go to hit post on this I noticed Inara blogged this exhibit

in Living In a Modemworld  Solitude at Dathúil

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