Wonderful May at The Living Room

Cammino_3 by Mistero Hifeng photo by owl

The Living Room kicked off the month of May

on the 3rd with a wild Party opening Mistero Hifeng’s exhibit.

Winston Ackland performed live for the opening his style and warmth eased the tumultuous emotions Mistro’s art stirred.

Contrasting beautifully the warm, vibrant music by Winston and the artistic expression of the deep realms of Mistero‘s soul.

Both the art and the music were quite heady at one point 57 people were there it got a little chaotic and a lot of fun!

Mistero Hifeng photo by Owl

We are so excited to have Mistero’s work through this month.

Each piece draws you in and takes your mind into contemplation.

His art has a way of digging into your soul and bringing up deeper feelings.

Inara Pey describes Mistero’s exhibit in her in depth style in her blog

Living in a Modemworld.

Apmelina also made the opening and blogged in

Min Avatar Heter Apmel

Dream by Mistero Hifeng photo by Owl

We have a full line up of events to celebrate this month.

Thursday Music Party! May 19th

5pm slt – The Vinnie Show

6pm slt – Mark Allen Jensen

Wednesday May 25th

5pm Tone Uriza

6pm Bat Masters


Tuesday May 31

12pm slt Gandalf Mornington

We hope you find some time to come see Mistero HIfeng’s work.

It really is something you do not want to miss.

Untitled by Mistero photo by owl

In addition to these events The Living Room is open 24/7

come visit us by clicking here

thank you ~ owl

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