Distilling Expressions of Silent Love


I found myself with a quiet morning  and  went to Dathúil gallery

“ I Like for you to be still” an exhibit By Kate Bergdorf

Wandering through this wonderfully sensual exhibit was a delight.

The imagery and emotions portrayed through the art and photos brought up memories of loves long gone.

Oddly or maybe not so odd, recalling  old lovers brings a calm.

The memory of love is a powerful thing as is hope.

I find hope in knowing that once loved we always are.

The one love concept that all loves are one and in loving one we love all comes to mind.

Maybe I shouldn’t have added rose water to my tea this morning..


“This exhibit is inspired by the poem “I Like For You To Be Still,”

by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (1904-1973).

The poem is part of his poetry collection “Twenty Love Poems and A Song Of Despair,” published in 1924.

With the works in this exhibit, I attempt to transmit emotion by using both words and images; each image corresponds to a sentence or words from the poem.

An expression of silent love.  “ KB


Kate’s exhibit is at Max Butoh and Lυcy ‘s Dathúil gallerythrough the month of April.

Dathúil gallery is in old Distillery styled from the 1930’s

This space is wonderfully evocative of older times and beautiful to view art in with its old world charm and lighting.

This is Kate’s first exhibit, her use of shadow and lighting really evoke a sense of “peeking” into the poem and seeing the stillness.

This expression of love is beautiful to see.

Kate has managed to infuse this work with emotion and feeling.


“I like for you to be still

It is as though you are absent

And you hear me from far away

And my voice does not touch you

It seems as though your eyes had flown away

And it seems that a kiss had sealed your mouth

As all things are filled with my soul

You emerge from the things

Filled with my soul

You are like my soul

A butterfly of dream

And you are like the word: Melancholy

I like for you to be still

And you seem far away

It sounds as though you are lamenting

A butterfly cooing like a dove

And you hear me from far away

And my voice does not reach you

Let me come to be still in your silence

And let me talk to you with your silence

That is bright as a lamp

Simple, as a ring

You are like the night

With its stillness and constellations

Your silence is that of a star

As remote and candid

I like for you to be still

It is as though you are absent

Distant and full of sorrow

So you would’ve died

One word then, One smile is enough

And I’m happy;

Happy that it’s not true “ NP


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Thank you for coming by


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