April~ Eleseren Brianna & BluesRocker !


Eleseren Brianna & BluesRocker

Currently exhibiting at The Living Room.


Eleseren’s collection is called ‘Myth’

“In these works I wanted to create mysterious and dreamlike images, that call upon the universal archetypes that Jung said lie tangled within the roots of our Collective Unconscious.  These images do not try and explain, or define what is going on in them. They are left mysterious, open ended, ready for the viewer to spin their own story onto.  The viewer is invited to look at these images in a state of reverie, and let the stories bubble up from within. “ EB

Eleseren has a lot going on.

She does modeling, designing and artistic photography.

Eles also recently became COO for Windlight Magazine

as well as curator and editor of The Edge.


“In real life I trained originally as an Illustrator, with a B.A. (hons) in Illustration from Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts.  I am also a trained Couture Designer Dressmaker and ran my own bridal wear business for several years, and a trained Art Therapist. “ EB

See Eleseren Brianna’s work On flickr

See what is new with Eleseren in Second Life.



“I’ve been involved in the arts most of my life. Coming from a musical background, I have had a very keen appreciation of the creative process, whether it be in music, the performing arts,painting, writing or photography. Having that interest sparked my involvement in the artistic possibilities of Second Life.

As for the creating of the photos, I much prefer shooting out on location in the multitude of amazing sims which populate SL than in a studio, as I feel I get much better results that way. Since starting seriously taking photographs in SL about a year and a half ago, I have broadened my horizons in what wonders this virtual world has to offer. Really, the only limits are those of the imagination.

I like to be diverse in my works, and I love taking portraits, landscapes and profile photos equally. Wherever my muse takes me at any given time.” BR


Visit BluesRocker’s Flickr 

See what Blues is up to in Second Life.

You can see more of Blues works at these galleries

Gallery at Virtual Hotel Chelsea 

Gallery at The Village at Eyefliez

PicMonkey Collage copy

These two talented Artists work is up at the Living Room through April!

The Living Room in sl

As always check TheLiving Room page for what is happening!

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