Strike a Magical Pose!

Gallery Luane’s world photo by owl

I found Luane’s World through a post on Skip Staheli’s Facebook Page.

Skip is one of the artists featured at her gallery.
I went to check out the landmark and wow. 2 hours later, I had way too many photos in my edit file lol. The sim is gorgeous! Rolling green hills magical fantasy  vignettes, castle ruins. fields of flowers, watery secret spots and so much more.
Lighthouse Photo by owl

This sim is very romantic and magical.

Luane created  this sim with photographers in mind.
I really enjoyed my wander through and could spend hours there its so Peaceful!
LW: pose main store is located on this sim
featuring  the many poses used in Luane’s photography.
Luane Meo  created A slice of Heaven ~ Luane’s world.
Magic LW photo by owl

The Gallery features a unique way to display the artists work.

Each Artists has a slide frame and  it rotates through their work.
Including links to their flicker so you can see more of their creativity.
The Gallery is housed in 2 very scenic buildings.
Every aspect of this sim makes me smile.
Gallery Slides photo by Owl

These Artists are featured currently in the Gallery:

Magical Visit photo by owl
LW: Poses main store, and a gallery
LW:poses on Marketplace
Luane was one of 29 photographers whose photos
were chosen for the Firestorm Second Life landing pages.
Luane Meo  – On Facebook

Truly a Magical place to visit!

~ owl

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