SKIP STAHELI’s Amazing Photography

Skip Staheli @ The Living Room photo by owl

The Living Room

Come join us for our 1 Year anniversary !

March 2016

Featuring the amazing Photography of


Skip Staheli work & photo By Skip Staheli

Opening Event March 8th 12pm

Featured Musician – The Vinnie Show!

The Vinnie show photo by Daallee

Both of these Men have been recognized by The Av choice awards this year!

Skip Staheli – Photo Fantasy Studio Purple Cows –for favorite Photographer/Studio
Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody) – for Favorite Acoustic Singer & Favorite Original song artist

We are having an award winning 1 year anniversary Month!
Come by and see Skip’s award winning Photography
Listen to Vinnies award winning music
and share a great time with us!

*prizes and give aways .. aww yeah its a PARTY!!

Skip Staheli’s work @ The Living Room photo by owl

A Bit about Skip Staheli

Skip has been doing photos in Second Life since 2008.

You can see the passion and time skip puts into his work.

Skip’s work has a way of taking my mind to a dream like state.

The soft veil he wraps his subjects in brings a romantic feel revealing his passions.

“I love to blend some rl elements into SL pics. Also I like to try new things always, you wont see often the same kind of picture on my stream. I want my pictures to have feel in them, my goal is to touch people when they look at my work..and also I work hard to not change the avatar too much, but make it look more real life like. I find myself working longer and longer on a picture.. when I first worked 2.5 to 3 hours on one piece, I now easily spend 5 to 8 hours on a pic..the more technics you use, the more time consuming it is..and..once you use them, you can’t go back anymore.. so you ask more and more of yourself. Im always learning, very eager to learn..and I think its never good enough..”

above Quote from Skip Staheli’s bio

Skip’s Second Life Portfolio 2012-2013 of his photography is available here 

Skip Staheli on Flickr

Skip On Facebook

Skip Staheli on Twitter 

Skip Staheli on Google+ 

I absolutely Love this Interview Strawberry Singh did of Skip for her Men on the grid series

Strawberry Singh: So what else do you do in SL?  Other than your photography.
Skip Staheli: not so much… well I try to keep up a little with friends.. try to go dance or explore a little.. but most of my time really goes into the photos and sometimes in my late night.. when I’m not SL working.. I like a little romance and erotics too.. but not that often.
Strawberry Singh: well you have to leave some time for fun as well
Skip Staheli: uhuh”

Skip was featured in the debut issue of Windlight Magazine

“Skip Lends Advice for those who are interested in getting a start in photography or art in Sl saying,…”follow your heart and go for it. I believe when you do something with your heart, with passion, it will be successful. Stay close to yourself don’t copy others. Be Unique!” He then goes on to say ..”Be patient. When you practice a lot you will see you improve. Its not that you decide today to become an artist in whatever art you will be it tomorrow, it takes time”

I blogged this exhibit of interactive light art Skip did in September 2015

This was such a intense wild psychedelic exhibit  at BOSL gallery of Skip’s work morphed by Regi Gifu’s light gallery.

Thank you for coming by


1-come to our  anniversary party @ The Living Room  

2-see Skip Staheli‘s amazing Photography

3-  Dance to the award winning tunes of The Vinnie Show!


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