What does your name say?

Day #11 in the Blogging 101 course the assignment is -Make a Prompt Personal

I chose “Say your name ” the task -Write about your first name

This is listed on The Daily Post

Free photo by Owl

I chose the name Owl as mine because I feel it in my bones.

In 1998 I was studying with a shamanic teacher. At the time in my real Life I was an herbalist. The plants brought me to the shaman through a connective exercise. Anyway I ended up learning and working with the shaman for almost 2 yrs. In the beginning days of this learning I was working nights. I got home around 2am and well does anyone go to bed after work right away. I didn’t want to wake my housemates so I would go for night walks. It is so beautiful and quiet at night we lived near woods and a cemetery.

I had always heard the owls at night but hadn’t seen them. I was spending weekends with the shaman and doing guided visualization. One weekend the meditation work was to let our spirits soar. My vision was odd I flew I crash-landed then flew again then I ate a baby bird.  I think it was a baby crow or raven. I actually felt it scratching my throat at the time. When I came back from the visualization I was a bit upset and confused. My teacher told me to let that go and see what was being given to me and to look for the lesson. I am not quite sure I understood the lesson then or now.

Driving home that night it was late almost 2am on a Saturday night the car in front of me swerved. I see a flash of feather in the headlights as the car drives away. I stopped and went to look. The car had hit an Owl it was huge and very injured. I was not sure what to do it was obviously dying. I sat with the Owl. Later I found out it was a Great horned Owl. The owl held my gaze and make a low rumbling sound on and off for quite awhile. I got it out of the ditch and into the nearby woods. I sat with the Owl a little over 2 hours as the moon slid across the sky. I Moved the Owl closer to a tree and laid a few pine branches over it. When I came back the next day the owl was gone there were feathers I still have 3 of them.

As long as I lived at that house I heard and saw the owls after that experience. I even saw Babies once, it was a magical space in time.

Spirit photo by Owl

A few years later my best friend had found Second Life and for her birthday she wanted me to check it out. We shared a bottle of wine and she set me up to enter the virtual world of Second Life. When joining you are asked to name your avatar Mine is Owl Dragonash.

The fantasy of an Owl Dragonash…

Born in imagination where Owls and Dragons fly, head crowned with Faunish Antlers, Ears pointed Elvish style and Sprout Fairy wings on occasion. This half Woman, Faun, Fairy Owl, Dragon Elf lives in “an imaginary world in an imaginary time”. This Owl is associated with Magic, Wisdom, Healing, Sensuality, Strength and playfulness. She loves Live Music, Art, photography, good conversation, wandering Sl builds, Spirituality and Fun!

I believe … photo by Owl

What does your avatars name mean and how did you get it?

Thank you for sharing and stopping by

~ Owl

23 thoughts on “What does your name say?

  1. My name is Caoimhe (kweeva) it means fiery beauty, I chose it because the fiery part fits my personality. But over the years residents have changed it to Cao (which is actually Cho, but I know most just call me cow, which actually fits even better than Caoimhe because I am a docile little moo. I have always wondered about your name Owl, thanks for sharing 😀

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      1. Ahhh ma dear Owl, I can´t really take credit for the name though. Many moons ago and just one day before finding SL, my RL brother called me and said … I just dreamt that I had a daughter. Her name was Landa! He doesn´t yet (yes ¨Yet¨I hope !) have children but I took over the name. A few months later, concerned about my SL, as was the rest of my family, he came in-world to try and ¨save¨ me from within. He´s been in SL ever since! Finally admitting … nobody can understand unless they come to SL! Much to you Owl! Hope things are settling and working out. xox

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  3. What a profound and wonderful story of a name!! of course your name is very magical! I have a few and I can’t say that Hana Hoobinoo is anything other than whimsically humorous. I wish I had picked something more thoughtful. Now CybeleMoon and the dune mouse are other stories as well!! The shadow of the dune mouse Muad ‘dib,, the sleeper must awaken who reminds me to put my dreams to good use.

    oops wrong mouse!! 😀

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    1. Thank you! Your writings defiantly make it appear your dreams are put to good use . If the sleeper wakes does the dream manifest in this world or dissipate.. you must be a quick one since you get it into writing.

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