Join us @ The Party Today!

Thea Maiman & CioTToLina Xue @ The Living Room photo by owl

Today @ The Living Room

Join us at 12pm SLT ~Tuesday, February 23rd

Artist closing party for two very talented Women.

CioTToLiNa Xue

Thea Maiman

Each have their own unique look at art in SL.

CioTToLina Xue at The Living Room photo by Daallee

CioTToLiNa Xue is a 3d artist with very thought provoking builds.

CioTToLiNa Xue’s bio

“My name is Asia, I am a girl of 24 years, a student in veterinary medicine.

I live in a suburb of the city ‘of Rome.

In Second Life I always appreciate those who make art.

I never dedicated to doing this if not for the past seven months.

I found that with cinema 4d can give life to my feelings

and also decide how to express the hope that come to others.”

CioTToLina on facebook

Thea Maiman @ The Living Room photo by Daallee

Thea Maiman an artist from Hungary who shares her work in Sl.

Thea Maiman’s bio

“Second Life resident, Official Pixelfairy and Nonofficial Photographer.

Thea likes the interesting places, good live music and the funny friends.

Always curious and wondering, how many creative peoples live here.

She is here since 04/2008, maybe at first she was a bit addicted.

Nowdays her rl needs more time,

but she still like to be here, in this awesome pixel-fairy-world  🙂

Her pictures are often music inspired,

sarcastic, melancholic, sometimes a bit dark or the opposite all of these.”

Thea on Flickr

Laz @ Gutheries
Lazarus Doghouse @ Guthries photo by Owl

Musical guest:

Lazarus Doghouse

If you have not been exposed to the Lazarus Doghouse experience..  You should be! He has a totally unique down to earth style with a southern slide and whiskey inspired lyrics.  Stepping into the musical experience of Lazarus is a trip you do not want to miss.

“ I like music I like real music.. I like my music.. and cherry snow cones. pubs and cafes, I like Fireball cold and straight up. Sailor Jerry, Slide guitars, howling at the moon, old Fender amps” Laz

Now living in Europe Laz has new experiences to draw from, which will only add to his collection of originals.

Lazarus sings what he knows and feels from his heart.

Lazarus on Facebook

Thea Maiman & CioTToLina Xue Exhibiting @ TLR photo by owl

This is sure to be a thrilling event…hope you can join us!

The Living Room

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