Delighted to have helped “rock” a memory and recall a feeling for both Rockman and myself….always amazes me how collective feelings/ experiences are…. I spent some time in Arizona in the late 80’s. Beautiful magical place for sure. As is anywhere we open our eyes, heart and mind to see! Reblogged from Snippets of a Traveling Mind

Snippets of a Traveling Mind
A Response to a blog by Owldragonash in red above

I do have an adventurous spirit but one might wonder why it was inspired by rocks? A red rocks panorama in Sedona, Arizona inspired thoughts about natural beauty as I blogged with Owldragonash today.The imaginative scenes of natural beauty in her virtual entry,”Do You Have an Adventurous Spirit?” reminded me of an unusual title I earned on a camping excursion across the Outback interior of Australia. Here is the story about how I was given that name.

My American name is James but I more commonly am called Rockman.It is advisable to pack lightly for long distance travel but my bags of stones could never be left behind.I had not realized the importance of rocks on earth until I completed an Introductory Geography course in college. Everywhere I traveled after that it seemed,I needed to analyze geological patterns of…

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