Do you have an adventurous spirit?

The Far away built by Am Radio blogged previously here ~ photo by owl

I envision Through Owl’s eyes …. To appeal to anyone with an adventurous spirit, an open mind, love of Music, love of Art and a curiosity about virtual worlds.

I also see this blog as possibly a gateway for people who have loved travel and concerts yet their current circumstance in life obstruct continuing with that. (Health, work many things can get in the way of exploring the world)

Mistero Hifang’s Art previously blogged here photo by owl

I would like this Blog to Open the virtual door and help experience a world that is different and where anything is possible. Second Life is a virtual world that is user generated. Example that chair your sitting in, that outfit your avatar is wearing, your avatar, that tree all of it is created by users with vision and trust me some visions are wild!

I would like this blog to open the door to your experience of global community.

Second life is all about community and it is huge.

Berg by Nordan Art features work by Haveit Neox & Mich Michabo~ photo by Owl

Do you have an adventurous spirit?

Would you like to experience something new?

Do you want to chat with people all over the world?

Does experiencing art and music in a new way appeal to you?

Open the door here

The Virtual World of Second Life is vivid and alive.

shades of Pink ~ photo by owl

My Blogging 101 journey week one :

Day 1: “who am I and why I’m here” –  I did this one as a post not a page here.

Day 2: Take control of title and tag line – Kept My Title   Through Owl’s eyes…

             Cleaned up my Tag line it used to be

“Looking up gives light, although at first it makes you dizzy.”       Mevlana Rumi (Live Music, Art, Events and Travel in a Virtual World) (Second Life)

Now it is – Live Music, Art, Events and Travel in a Virtual World – Second Life

Day 3: Hello – Add 5 new blogs /Add 5 new tags

             I added these blogs:






             5 New tags

             Blogging 101





Day 4: Identify your audience –

This assignment I had a bit of trouble with. In my real life I own a coffee house and when we opened everyone said what is your target audience and we picked a demographic. Through 20 years of business though I have learned that keeping your target market open makes for wide and unusual opportunities. My Coffee house serves everyone from homeless people to state politicians and everyone in between.

Day 5: Love Your Theme –

I just revised my theme last month for the New Year. I did go through and try a few more but Iam sticking with the one I recently changed to Lovecraft.

So far I am enjoying Blogging 101 it has helped be a distraction from my Parents health issues given me something to focus on with the added benefits of helping me sort out my blog and focus it a bit more.

I believe someday I will be free ~ photo by owl

Thank you for visiting

~ owl


15 thoughts on “Do you have an adventurous spirit?

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  2. I had meant to comment on this great post but somehow didn’t. Blogging as well as SL can give a sense of global community- I have found and yes, I have an adventurous spirit in all worlds as do you! I love all creative “distractions!” and your blog is brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

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