“who I am and why I’m here”


Thea Maimen & CioTToLina’s art @ The Living Room through February

“Through Owl’s eyes…” is the virtual world of Second Life seen through my writing and photography. I Love Music, Art, Community, and Traveling. I also Love taking photos.

Simon Linden @ The Living Room

In Second Life not only can you create anything but you can manipulate lighting, skies, time of day really everything. You can even remove trees or add trees derender a building or person. It is a whole new way of photography.

I blog this virtual world and sometimes my experiences to keep a journal of where I have been and what I have done. I blog to announce events I either like or am participating in. I blog to help turn people on to things they may not have seen. I blog to share my photos with a little background.

With this blog I hope to accomplish writing, blogging skills as well as share my trip through Second Life hopefully in an entertaining way.

I think this journey in both the Virtual world and blogging will continue to teach me skills that help me navigate and communicate in my First Life.

Looking back on my first posts they were more photos less words. I am trying to find a balance between substance and photography. Lately I have rambled on about things floating in my mind like relationships and community.

Tiger play

Who am I ?

I am me but in virtual form.

Owl Dragonash is an Elf, Faun, Human, Amazon Woman.


Currently I am dealing with Hospitals and aging Parents in my First life. This has left little time for visiting Second Life or blogging.

This course Blogging 101 I hope will keep me writing and Blogging until I can get back to Sl and continue the things I love to do there.

This course i can do on my iPad while sitting at the hospital. I hope this course will improve my communication and substance skills as well as form.

Lazarus Doghouse Live @ The Living Room

If you are Interested in visiting Second Life here is a link to get you started.

Feel free to look me up Owl Dragonash and say hi.

I can direct you to places to learn like Helping Haven, communities to meet folks and make friends like Commune Utopia, places to see Artistic builds likeLinden Endowment for the Arts and places to listen to Live Music like The Living Room.

The Photos used in this post are By me Owl Dragonash

 you can see more on my Flicker here

Thank you for visiting Through owl’s eyes…

~ owl



13 thoughts on ““who I am and why I’m here”

  1. Inara Pey

    Superb post, and one that’s got me thinking about how I can direct the curious stumbling on my blog more directly towards SL, thank you for the inspiration! Hope things in the physical world improve for all concerned, and hopefully catch-up with you in-world soon ♥ .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Inara. I kinda feel shut out of a concert …lol. I miss my SL time and all my Friends there. I’ll be popping in as time allows. It’s a big deal for me to get you thinking…your blog has inspired me in so many ways. Hugs


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