Do you know Art on Roofs or Windlight Gallery?

Inara Pey’s opening Art on Roofs

Wandering sl this week I had a chance to see some beautiful art!

I went to the Art on Roofs Gallery

and got to see Inara Pey’s

Through a Blogger’s Eyes in Second Life”

This exhibit is up from Jan 9th – Jan 24th

The Art on Roofs Gallery is a really different one you arrive on a roof and follow a walkway along other roof tops each with art exhibited along them. Inara’s Landscapes look lovely and almost like really interesting billboards. I recall an old movie where the destination was a billboard and the landscape on it took the viewer through into the scene (Dark City). The Movie was weird though entertaining. Inara’s landscapes however look as if you could step inside walking in to experience the scene.

I thoroughly enjoyed wandering along the rooftops and seeing her work at this exhibit. I suggest you go soon as 2 weeks goes fast in a virtual world.

Inara pey’s blog Living In a Modem World

Is the blog I read most often her diverse coverage of Linden Lab things, space, art exhibits and virtual tourism keeps me interested and well informed. There isn’t much going on I cant at least fake a bit about due to these readings. People think I am smart ..smiles. I may be but I do read a lot.

@Art on Roofs

Windlight Magazine

The Windlight Art Gallery features the work of the Windlight Artist Fellows. These are chosen monthly and the Gallery hosts an opening event. Tomorrow January 10th @ 12pm is the opening event for these Artists work.

** Opening rescheduled to Saturday Jan 16th due to sl mess sunday **













Eleseren Brianna

Eleseren Brianna a new artist in sl though she has exhibited on other Virtual worlds. A model and designer in second life it makes sense that her photography would have a fashion edge to it. I really enjoyed these bright colors and wild looks she has created.     Eleseren on Flicker

Jarla Capalini

 Jarla Capalini studied Art for several years. Second life also captured her artistic interest. Jarla gravitates towards color, light shadow as well as experimenting with new techniques. The paint like style of Jarla’s work is very intriguing and the textural look is a delight.     Jarla on Flicker

Ceakay Ballyhoo

Ceakay Ballyhoo went with black and whites the moody feel and natural darkness have a bit of the winter vibe of going with in and contemplating our mortality though some have an uplifting vibe that is almost angelic.     CK on Flicker

Hana Hoo

Hana Hoo is a story teller her work is magicaI. I think of her art as windows into stories, each one drawing you into the tale and weaving its spell. I have been following Hana’s blogs for awhile and I was quite excited to get the chance to see her work in sl!       Cybelmoon (Hana) on Flicker

There are more Artists on exhibit  go by the Windlight Gallery and see!

I find wandering a fun relaxing way to experience second life.


(Photos by Owl)








12 thoughts on “Do you know Art on Roofs or Windlight Gallery?

  1. Inara Pey

    Thank you, Owl, for reviewing both Through a Blogger’s Eyes and the latest round of Windlight Fellows (will be covering the latter myself shortly!). Many thanks for hopping to the opening of the former; always good to see you ; and thank you for the very kind words about the art ♥ .

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