Look, Listen Experience ….

Jed Luckless @ The Living Room with Particle Tom

Welcome to 2016

Hope you all have enjoyed a great holiday season and fun New Year!

May this year bring you relaxation, love, health and lots of fun!

Lazarus Doghouse live @ Whimsical Aristocrat’s exhibit The Living Room

The Living Room has an exciting Month coming up.

Featuring the art of Mareea Farrasco & Faith Maxwell through January.

Opening Party January 7th

Thursday 12pm

Mareea Farrasco ~ About SL People and Places

Faith Maxwell ~ Sculptures

Featured Musician ~The Vinnie Show!

Mareea Farrasco & Faith Maxwell promo posters
Mareea Farrasco & Faith Maxwell promo posters

The Living Room Music Party!

Thursday Jan. 14th

5pm Bat Masters

6pm Lyndon Heart

Closing Party January 26th

Tuesday 12pm slt

Mareea Farrasco ~ About SL People and Places

Faith Maxwell ~ Sculptures

Featured Musician ~ Aminius Writer

The Living Room will be 1 yr. in March 2016

We have great things coming for February and March stay tuned!

Please use  The Living Room LM to come on by anytime !

Daallee, Nora, Owl, Simon Linden @ The Living Room

As for me in the coming year I want a Hot tub and the time to use it at least 3x a week.

Since it is the time of year to manifest the future, may as well toss in some luxury too!

On a realistic level this year I have a lot of things I want to change and fix.

My business needs an outline of duties clean up as well as new menu.

My living space needs to be uncluttered. I have too much stuff in both worlds.

My relationship has gotten really good and I am hoping this year even better.

The Trace Too
My Second Life

I would like more down time to hang out with friends and not “do” anything.

I would like to see my Photography improve and learn new techniques.

Spend time listening to Live music and visiting art exhibits and builds.

Learn how to sail the virtual seas.

I want to become chattier with my Blog.


Finally what I want in 2016 is time to enjoy the things I do and experience in all worlds even my dreams.

For YOU I wish all that you wish for yourself and the time to enjoy it!

oh may I add good health for both of us !

Tiger and Owl

Thank you for stopping by …

~ owl

All photos are taken by owl unless credited to someone.

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