Looking for winter magic? Its here..

Ferris wheel @ Winter wind light photo by owl

Finding time to wander is getting rough; I work a lot through the holidays so my sl time is limited.

I visited Creations park after reading about it in Inara pey ‘s blog Living in a Modemworld

Wren Noir @ Winter Windlight

The Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase! This special event will take place from December 7 to 13 and will benefit Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association.

Team Diabetes of Sl

Cica Ghost @ Winter Windlight ~ photo by owl

The art is wonderful and the lindens go to a good cause. Diabetes affects so many people chances of your relations of friends being some are high. I enjoyed the amusement bit of the sim too. I love carousels and this one so cool it had a unicorn.

Unicorn! ~ photo by owl

Take the time to support and visit the The Windlight Winter Art Show & Winter Showcase !

Bryn Oh @ Winter Windlight ~ photo by owl

I found time to catch my friend Fiona dj at Marche de chateau Bourgogne

She was happening Holiday style at the North pole. So fun to catch some seasonal tunes. I avoid them usually so this was fun for me. If you would like to catch Fiona dj look her up here she usually spins a worldly style that keeps you moving and shares musical culture with the listener.

North pole ~ photo by owl

“When DJ:ing in SL I am happy to take people on a ride outside the main roads. Why don’t you come stroll with me in the outbacks where the wild flowers of folkmusic, jazz and all sorts of fusion grows?” Here are some examples on what a session with Fiona Hildrum can contain:

Dancing worldmusic mix
A blend of wild music from all parts of the world meant to make you “drivers behind the screen” unable to sit still. I will play happy dancey music from the Balkans, Africa and other continents.

Scandinavian folkfusion
I share my nordic music heritage with you and show how colourful the scandinavian folkmusic is in this time. Modern as well as ancient tunes!

Wonky electroswing
Old fashioned swinging tunes in a new mix, come and shake your booties with me!

If you want information about when and where I play; Please join the group “Discoteque Eclectique” “

Penguin ~ Photo by owl

The north pole left me feeling wintery and wanting to explore the beauty of snow I went to Frisland also read about in Inara’s blog post  A Frisland Winter in second life.  Inara covers the history Charlie Namiboo, Anna Barzane and Frislanda “Fris” Ferraris were inspired by to create this beautiful place.

Inara Pey really has an awesome blog! (lol Iam a fan girl)

Frisland ~ photo by owl

Frisland is a winter wonderland at the moment complete with snow flurries. I love them! Nothing as magical and beautiful as light through a snowflake! The crisp cool air greyish but vibrant sky Frisland has captured the feel beautifully!

When I think of winter in a cozy way it’s the images frisland has displayed so well that flit through my mind. Low lights. Snow covered woodlands. Cozy spots to be. The beauty of the quiet and calm of winter.

Go visit Friesland and experience it yourself!

Winter Night ~ photo by owl

My home sim is covered in snow too!

Hippie Bowman has a blanket of snow covering the ground at Lagrange point spaceport complete with weather some days its snowing. The skating pond is open to all as most of the sim and the space stations and galaxies in the sky. Lagrange has so many hidden treasures I have yet to explore them all.

The space taxi remains my favorite ride in sl. It takes you on a tour of space and back or you can exit and explore. You can catch the space taxi at the control tower below The living Room.

Winter @ Lagrange Photo by owl

The living Room occupies the top of the control tower. It is a Visual gallery and Live music venue.

The Living Room’s schedule is Here.

. This month we have Sky fire exhibiting through December.

A sweet 2-hour show Thursday December 17th with Jed Luckless!

 December 26th with Boney Mosey closing party for sky Fire.

Come on by their work is amazing and you want to catch a Particle show they perform!

Find some time to wander second life winter magic is spread around!

Thank you for stopping by !

I Hope your holiday season is full of awe, wonder and magic!

~ Owl


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