Love is ~ 4 signs of Romantic addiction.

Gidgy’s work

Gidgy Buckshot (Gidgette Adagio)‘s exhibit

~ Love is~

 on display  at The Living Room through the month of November.

  Wald Schridde  performs live at the Living Room Gallery at 6 pm, Tuesday, Nov. 24!

Come enjoy a unique hour of all-acoustic folk, traditional, and early music

played on guitar, autoharp, dulcimer, and other instruments,

 while viewing the wonderful artwork of Gidgette Adagio.

Giddy by Gidgy

“Love is”

When I was a little girl, my Great Grandmother used to collect a comic strip called “love is”.

She’d cut out the comics and tape them into an album.

I spent hours looking through her scrapbook.

This series is dedicated to my Great Grams.

How I miss those moments with her.”

 Love is comix by Kim Casali

Gidgy’s exhibit is blogged beautifully By Inara Pey ~ Living In a Modemworld.

Gidgy’s work is uplifting, beautiful giving me a sense of hope and inspiration as time makes us older.

Angels by Gidgy

This exhibit has me thinking about “Love is”.

What comes to mind first is a poem a friend of mine wrote in high school .

“Twinkies are like love

a chemical reaction shot full of cream”

It is hardly romantic but actually not too far from the truth.

With out a chemical reaction we don’t love someone.

Alot comes into play but our largest erogenous zone is the brain.

Love is brain chemistry exploding.

Romantic love activates the dopamine area of our brain stimulating energy, ecstasy, despair and desire.

Gidgease Gallery

4 main traits of addiction come into play with Romantic love.

  1. Craving – once we recognize that we love someone we crave his or her attention and time. Often forgoing or own “important” things to get that time and attention. This is dependence.
  2. Tolerance – as we spend time we want more and more interactions together. Sexually and emotionally we want that closeness to a higher degree. We experience a intoxication with the other person’s attention focused on us. Lack of time can cause frustration.
  3. Withdrawals – Lack of time together can cause depression, a sense of loss and Loneliness.
  4. Relapse – After a relationship ends many triggers can bring that craving back.
Into the light by Gidgy

Seeing it this way is interesting and opens my mind to the concept that some addictions are actually a really good thing.

The addictive ecstasy of love is wonderful for both the body and mind.

Its no wonder we want to feel it again and again.

This may well be an addiction we want to experience for a lifetime.

“Gidgy Adagio has been a resident of SL since 2010.

Having always been one who admires art,

 from her first day in secondlife to current, she is constantly amazed.

 Every pixel is a work of art here, created by the users.”

Gidgy at Love is opening TLR

Gidgy also has her own Gallery Gidgease.

Gidgy on Flicker

Some insights derived from this post in Discover magazine as well as my own musings.

Thank you for stopping in !


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