What is community to you?


When you think of Community what comes to mind?

Community comes from the latin “Cum” meaning together and “Munus” which means gift .

I think of community attributes to be friends, the feeling of home, a place you want to come back to, love, connectivity, support, group events, fun and good vibes.

August 2015  I was interviewed in the Voices from the Grid  section

by Cajsa Lilliehook of Eclipse magazine.

I talked about communities in Second Life that I am part of.

One that I think of as home is Commune Utopia.

Commune Utopia is a bohemian hippie community created by Seductive Dreamscape  a wonderfully generous and amazing Woman. The commune always  has some one around to talk to and the conversations vary from world politics, art, music, sexuality, spirit and just plain silly.

This is a community that for me has always been welcoming and fun to be part of.

Commune Utopia has a wide range of events that changeover time.

Live Music, Dj’s, Dances, Discussions, Art openings, charity fundraisers and random fun and silliness.

Visit Commune Utopia!

Build @ Burning sim

Seductive Dreamscape entered theBurning sim competition and

invited Commune Utopia to participate with her.

Wow some really creative stuff happened.

Commune Utopia is over 1700 members a heaping handful helped Sedi by sharing their creative talents. Sedi made sky domes to travel through each holding a vignette scene of creative play built by Commune members. (Simzee Edman, Szavanna, Sedi, Riffana, Fiona Hildrun, whimsical Aristocrat, Crumbles Idelmind, Jeanniesing Trilling, PrincessMousey, Daallee, Catfish, Owl Dragonash,LilithRosier, Ceakay Ballyhoo, Ellie Rouge)


CK made a wild scene of flowers and plants made in a child like style from body parts. Sunshine made a psychedelic build with many colors. Whims and Fiona created a game build with a bathtub and giraffe so fun. Riffi created a cafe style space with so much going on. Crumbles and Jeanniesing created a colorful drawing like space very cool. Princess Mousey created a camp area for wild animals very cool scene. Daallee with the assistance of myself and catfish created a beautiful scene representing artists who have exhibited or played at The living Room, Lilith Rosier created a dream like boat scene floating through your dreaming mind. Love Burns wet byEllie created a rain scene abstract and enticing. Sedi added a sweet photo gallery of commune events experiences people.

With these pods Sedi won the sim and is sharing it with everyone yes you too go visit!

Commune Utopia @ Burning Sim!

“Commune Utopia is 4 years old in October 2015! Celebrate with us on this magical sim. “

Standing Stones

Lenni Foxtrot must have been impressed. Lenni awarded the sim for an adittional  month to Sedi who opened it again to Commune Utopia to build. A world theme was decided on and it looks amazing! So many areas represented with surprises and beauty scattered through out. (I have been away and I don’t know who built what for this part of the Sim) They did an amazing representation of the world with all kinds of interpretations.

Fiona Blogged it in Scallivanting

I am so impressed with the creativity and heart that went into this  project.

You want to go see this creative endeavor both the pods and the world before they are gone up through November.


Thank you for stopping in


4 thoughts on “What is community to you?

    1. It still is a grand time! This (below) is happening at the sim Monday : ) come on by if you can : )

      World Food Programme Charity Fundraiser!!

      Monday 30th of November 2015

      We (commune utopia) are raising money for the world food programme!! Come and join us for live music and Dj’s on the very last day of our Birthday Sim, where our communers have created the whole world.
      Dox 11AM
      Sunshine 12PM *
      Bono Fouroux 1 PM *
      Beth Odets 2PM*
      Feather 3PM SLT*
      whirligig (whirligig.rutabaga) 4PM*
      KevinMThomas Carpool 5PM SLT*

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