Are you familiar with your Ego? ~ Ego Jail ~ JadeYu Fhang

Cathedral by JadeYu

 EgO Jail ~ @ Dark Tears ~ An Art build by JadeYu Fhang

I found a chance to go see this incredible light airy dark impressive build this week.

EgO Jail had me staring in awe!

JadeYu built a huge symbolic Art piece that can be looked at in many ways, though the title and having read Being yoon’s blog post led me to follow seeing it as ego.

Yoon talked about building up and protecting our ego’s.

This exhibit’s concept blogged really deep on NOOQI by Being Yoon
Apmel covered the opening of Ego Jail on his Blog Min avatar Apmel
JadeYu Fhang’s Ego Jail

What is ego?

Ego is a person’s self-esteem or sense of self-importance.

We are not our ego rather our ego is built by us to protect us.

Our ego is where our expectations come from.

Expectations can breed disappointments, which our ego can turn to blame of self or others.

Our egos can beat us up when we are down

(“I still haven’t got this right – what a jerk Iam”)

looking In

JadeYu’s inner couple shows what we really are beautifully.


Our ego builds up boundaries, expectations and all manner of things to keep us safe from pain. Oddly it seldom works and often hurts more. Our need for approval or control stems from our ego. Ego is not a bad thing a healthy one is good mediating our interpretation of what is happening but in or society often the Ego’s grow large and self absorbed.

If when we feel frustrated, annoyed, mad, hurt emotionally we take a moment to see where is this coming from we can step back a bit and use the window ego provides to pay attention and work through to let go.

Ego can make us see ourselves as separate from instead of part of. Like it or not we are all part of life.

We are part of a cosmic whole and love is our core.

JadeYu Fhang on  Facebook
JadeYu Fhang on Flicker
Ego Jail

Anyway that’s my ramblings a bit lol…

I have to thank Caitlin Tobias for writing about expectations in  her blog Cait’s World and for being timely enough to be what I read before writing about Jade’s EgO Jail.

Ego and expectations go together and both are for me a work in progress of letting go .

So many wonderful and inspiring things to find and see In Second Life!

Thank you for stopping by go see JadeYu Fhang’s build!


Ps. Thank You to Canary Beck this is my first time using her Blogger’s Checklists.

15 thoughts on “Are you familiar with your Ego? ~ Ego Jail ~ JadeYu Fhang

      1. Yoon

        Yup and now you put a smile on my face because it’s nice to hear you appreciated it for your own view. And well, always nice to see art with a deeper sense than only being some nice deco is it not 🙂 ^^


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