Wandering In Sl

Gotta Love weekends and time!!

I went to see Storm Septimus’s build Failure to Thrive (The Grey Child) at Lea sims.

Read the Notecard when landing the viewing advice is good to know.

Flying with Scissors photo by Owl

This beautiful moody landscape transported me to a realm of contemplation and exploration. The beauty Storm built interspersed with dark bits encouraged me to poke at my own darkness.

I love the vignettes across this build so many areas to explore.

Failure to thrive (The grey child) on Flicker

Blogged in depth and really well on the Lindenarts blogspot by Honour Mcmillan

Flowers photo by owl

I found my way to Cica Ghost’s prison build as always her vision is intense though this seemed to be darker than her usual builds.

I was glad to see her birds and flowers nodding to the whimsy I love in Cica’s work.

Blackbirds photo by owl

From the land description…

“In this prison, all the doors will open for you, and you’ll be able to escape at any time.

But you won’t feel like going away.

And even when you finally leave, you will want to come back. “

Cica Ghost’s Prison

 Blogged by Inara Pey in her blog Living in a Modemworld

Cica Ghost’s Prison photo by owl

I really enjoyed the opening of Sabbian Paine’s World of Darkness exhibit

@ The Lost Unicorn Gallery

This lovey dark exhibit is up through November 19th 2015.

The Lost Unicorn Gallery on the Web.

Serbian’s work @ The Lost Unicorn Gallery

More of sabbian’s work exhibited at:

The Living Room through October

The Crossworlds Gallery – Museum of Art & Culture

Sabbian’s personal Gallery on his Transylvania Sim

I took a photo of Willow and Sabbian at his opening and laid it onto a photo of his work i bought at The Lost Unicorn. ~Owl

‘What If’, by MM, Senna and Nitro

opened Saturday @ Nitroglobus Gallery.

Make sure to take and read the Notecards at the landing.

Nitroglobus Gallery is exhibiting the works of

MM (Mysterr), photographer Senna Coronet as well as Nitro’s sculptures.

“Senna is well known and respected by the entire SL art world for his high quality awesome photography.  For MM this is her first exhibition.  We love both their work, which is so full of expression and emotions, something that’s not easy to capture in Second Life.” (taken From Dido’s notecard )

MM @ Nitroglobus

The feel and beauty of this exhibit is sensual with lovely light play enhancing each piece. This exhibit captures a sense of sensual wonder and delight. The light caressing curves in a way you can almost feel.

Apmel blogged the opening here.

Senna @ Nitroglobus

Thank you for coming by .. go explore


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