Sabbian Paine~ Quite an Impressive Artist in SL~ Go see his work!

Sabbian Paine & Willow @ ~ Quiet the Mind Opening~

I find Sabbian’s work to be deep drawing me in

and making me feel the shadowy bits of my soul speak and whisper.

His art has brought me to tears as well as delight.

If you haven’t experienced Sabbian’s work for your self

Go see it feel it!

Sabbian’s work is wild!

*Quiet The Mind* ~ *Sabbian Paine*

This exhibit is @ The Living Room! through the month of October

 “Quiet the Mind is a collection of new and previously unreleased works by Sabbian.

Created during the craziness of real life during those brief moments

of solitude when the mind has a moment of peace to let go,

 listen to the soul and create.

 It can represent a dream, an emotion, a song

 or just a moment in time before the world

speeds up again and the moment is gone. “


Inara Pey Blogged this in Living in a The Modemworld

Join us for the closing party of Sabbian’s

 ~ *Quiet The Mind* ~

The Living Room !

October 27th @  6pm slt

Featured Musician ~ Anidi Huet

Quiet The Mind exhibit @ The Living Room

This weekend Sabbian has an opening @ The Lost Unicorn Gallery  2pm slt

World Of dark Fantasy ~Sabbian Paine

Oct 17 – November 17th

Sabbian @ The Living Room!

Sabbian’s Bio:

“Sabbian Paine has been capturing the world of Second Life

through his lens since early 2009 when he was introduced to the world

 of Second Life photography.

What started out, as a hobby for this real life artist

soon became a big passion for Sabbian.

 SL quickly became a new platform of self expression

allowing a limitless source of atmospheres and backdrops to his work

 which he often refers to being submersed in a world

 filled with three dimensional art.

In addition to being constantly inspired by the creations

 SL has to offer, music and emotions play a big driving force behind  Sabbian’s work.

Each piece shares the title or a lyric of a song which inspired it

 and is meant to be experienced with the song playing

like a soundtrack to that image.

Sabbian has exhibited in various galleries across the grid including

his first solo exhibition in 2013 at at the Vampre Cultural Centre

in his family sim of Transylvania where he now has his main gallery.

He has also exhibited at Nitroglobus, The Rose Gallery, The Dominion Gallery,

Beguiled Spring Art Walk, Gallery Assis, Galeries de Sinne, Galerie des Machines,

 Isole Art Gallery, The Gallery at Somerton, Pessoa Gallery, Artists 4 SL,

Crossworld’s Gallery and Branwen Arts..

 Sabbian’s work has also been featured

in a number of SL magazines including a RL online publication. “

Sabbian Paine on Flicker

Sabbian Paine on Facebook

Sabbian Paine onTwitter

Sabbian’s work can also be seen at

Crossworlds Gallery – Museum of Art & Culture

Serbian’s work @ Crosswords Gallery

Sabbian’s personal Gallery on his Transylvania sim

Serbian’s Art @ His Transylvania Gallery

Found this Interview of Sabbian Paine In Art & Sound Magazine 2013

Sabbian Paine @ The Living Room

Thank you for stopping by Go see Art in SL!!


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