Roaming ~ Nitroglobus – Dathuil Gallery – The Plastic Ocean

I finally found some down time to roam second life a bit.

Mr B.

I went to see the ‘Fade to Grey’  temporary exhibit by Burke Bode (Mr. B.) @ Nitroglobus gallery.

This display is beautiful and erotic.

 “Every day one of the now COLORED WORKS will turn GREY, so if you want to buy the colored version, be FAST ….”

I found out about this exhibit through the Nitroglobus gallery Facebook page.

Chamber Society photo contest winners

Inara Pey’s blog Living in a Modemworld blogged “Art with an Adult theme”

 The 3rd Annual Chamber Society Photography Competition & Exhibition @ Dathuil Gallery of art

This is a selection of the top 20 entries.

These photos have a dreamlike vintage feel set up in an old distillery bar.

The photos are classy seduction very beautifully done the use of shadow and ambiance is impressive.

Plastic Ocean!

Next I went to see Betty Ai Tureaud’s  Plastic Ocean!

I found out about this installation through Betty’s Facebook page.

Wow! this is a trip you get to be a shark and swim in this colorful ocean.

So fun!

Apmel blogged it here “Betty invites us..”

So much to see and do in sl.

thank you for stopping by


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