Soon! The Matthew Show Live @ 4 fabulous Artist party ! (Sept 29th)

Coming soon ~ Matthew Perrault @ 4 fabulous Artist party !

Inara Pey Visited read Modemworld !

Artists Info here on Through Owl’s eyes…

Hope to see you at the Party!

The Living Room presents

The Matthew Show (Matthew Perrault)  performing Live ~ 11am SLT

 @ A closing Party for our fabulous 4 Artists this month.
Creaky Ballyhoo, DanelleDee, Jamisson Burnstein & NIco Time
Come by for some great Art and intense music.

The Living Room!

Matthew Perrault ~
“writes and performs though providing and humorous ballads we all can relate to. The Man seems a bit of a cynic as he gets under your skin and makes you smile or laugh out loud.”
Owl (yeah me lol)
“…a slice of genius…Recommended to fans who like their music smart and a bit off center.
~ The Here and There Ezine
“Yeah. I like this one. There’s lots of clever lyrics here and an honesty of expression that’s rare in much modern rock — less posing and more self-revelatory. Good stuff.”
 Turk’s Head Review
“A sometimes frightening emotional roller coaster. Quite the rush”
. Aiding & Abetting
Join us for this fun show and come see this Art before it comes down.
Thank you : )

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