Learn Bat Masters Personal Credo! Live Music In Second Life.

Bat @ The Red Palms Photo By Daallee

Bat Masters music hits your ears and there is no doubt this man has talent skill and passion.

He shares stories with his songs; his humor shines through, as do the good vibes he brings to his shows.

Bat shows have a down home community vibe.

I always feel part of and connected to his music and I think most folks do.

Going to hear Bat play is a pleasure I wish I had more often.

(Bat Masters followed by  Lyndon Heart will Be @ The Living Room Thursday November 17th 5pm)

Bat Hugs @ The Living Room photo by owl

“Bat Masters (Burton Tienken in RL) has been playing guitar and bass for over 40 years

(yeah he’s OLD!).

Bat’s real life musical endeavors usually has him playing bass and singing with his band

Mount Pilot Party Girls out of Cincinnati Ohio.

Bat is a Kentuckian who writes semi autobiographical songs and

tries daily to live by his personal credo

“Don’t Suck”.

Bat & Twostep Spiritweaver video by Robert Little @ The Acoustic cave

“Bat has been a part of the SL music community since February of 2011.

His SL shows usually consist of general silliness and acoustic guitar.

Bat is an avid relay streamer

as well and can sometimes be found playing bass and singing behind other

SL artists like Beth Odets, Twostep Spiritweaver and more.”

Bat’s show Calendar

Bat Masters @ Burning Sim photo by owl

You are welcome to come by The Living Room Thursday or any time!

Enjoy! ~ owl



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