Come get interactive with Skip Staheli’s Art!

“Nimoe and Skip~Mind Whispering…” Regi fied

Skip Staheli’s art is exhibited in an interactive Light Gallery created by Regi Yifu at BOSL Galleries.

You have to see this!

This is such a wild display!

BOSL ~ Regi Yifu light Gallery Skip Staheli’s Art

Skip Staheli’s beautifully artistic work morphed by Regi Yifu’s light build.

Together you have high-class psychedelic trip stuff!

The lights draw you in and its totally enthralling how the colors merge back into the original piece.

When you arrive you are given a folder read the directions or just add everything to your av turn up graphics to ultra and environment to a dark wind light.

Then wow you light up too!

Now go bump the purple cows on the floor and be amazed!

I have been back 3x and I know I will go again!

Visit this Exhibit!

See Skip’s work on his Flicker
Follow Skip Staheli on his Facebook page
Read more about Skip Staheli in Windlight Magazine!
Zii Questi blogged  this exhibit Here!
“Nimoe~FantasyGirl” Regi fied
Original of “Nimoe and Skip~Mind Whispering…” link below
Original of “~Where one door closes, another opens…” link below
Original of “Nimoe~FantasyGirl” link below
This was so fun to go check out!
~ thank you for stopping in !

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