Joe Paravane ~ A Beautiful Musical force in any world! *Listen*

Joe Paravane has impressed me with his sound, creativity and style for years.

I catch as many shows of his as I can.

Joe’s finger picking, slide guitar and harmonica skills weave a wonderful mood both soothing the soul and making you want to dance!

I particularly love Joe’s original music.

The way he plays the songs he has written really shines his talent and passion through to the audience.

Video of Joe By Robert Little @ The Wandering Star 5/4/15

San Francisco bay area singer songwriter Joe Paravane sings & performs acoustic finger picking guitar.

Joe mixes folk, rock, delta & ragtime styles. 

He performs classic songs from early american roots, folk up to modern rock along with his own unique blend of original music. 

 Influences include Mississippi John Hurt, the Black Keys, Jerry Garcia, Jack Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis,  the Shins, Elizabeth Cotten, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Jason Mraz, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young &  more.

All acoustic, no backing tracks, all LIVE.

 Gibson J200 acoustic guitar with top of the line Neumann vocal microphone through warm tube preamps with professional studio sound quality and mix.

Joe also performs with as a duo, trio and quartet all acoustic streamed live from his California studio. 

He performs with one of the real life members of the Jerry Garcia Acoustic band, a stand up acoustic bassist and percussionist.

Joe @ The Living Room for Toysoldier Thor’s opening Photo By Daallee

Joe Paravane (Joe Rizzo) can be found playing in the Bay area or in second life.

check out his website Joe

Joe Rizzo On Facebook

Twitter @joerizzo

Come see him opening at The Living Room

 September 8th @ 12 pm SLT

Teleport to The Living Room!

The Living Room is proud to present: 4 fabulous Art exhibits for the month of September!

Ceakay Ballyhoo, DanelleDee, Jamisson Burnstein & ƝƖƇƠ ƬƖMΣ™

Join us for the Party Listen to Joe Paravane and come check out the artwork!

Joe will be doing a special Live broadcast at this show.

If you can not make it into Second Life you can listen HERE.

Joe @ The Wandering Star Photo by Owl

Thank you for stopping by and come visit us at The Living Room!


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