Experience the ~ Seasons of Life~ by John(johannes1977) 

~ Seasons of Life~ by John (johannes1977) @ Lea 4


John’s Seasons of Life build is a wonderful depiction of life cycles and seasons he has divided his plot into 4 seasons.

Once you view each the effects and ambience really add to the feel of the space.


I first became aware of John’s art at SL12B his Dreaming away exhibit caught my attention!

Since then wow the man is everywhere.


I thought my sl was busy lol below is a small list of things John is part of.

Defiantly an Artist and Mover to watch!

John on Flicker

John’s web Folio

Co-Founder of Team Diabetes of Second Life-Coming Soon!


Owner of Windlight Magazine & Windlight Gallery


Owner of Epic Chromatic Gallery

Seasons of Life featured in Lindearts blogspot

Scenes of war review @Epic Virtuality

Windlight an Art magazine opening review @ Living in a Modemworld


John has also displayed his Art at

The Rose gallery – “Scenes from War”

The Virtual Chelsea Hotel – “Eclectic Life of a Model”

Sl12b – “Dreams”

 Chromatic Gallery (see above)

 Space for Art

Artists for Sl

The Roxeteer Gallery

StarZ Art corner

 He did the Bay City Postcards for their celebration

I have a feeling I missed some. Wow! He has it going on!

Be sure to visit his ~ Seasons of Life~ at Lea 4 !


Thank you for stopping by ~ Owl

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